Drupal Association Board Meeting: September 23, 2015

This month, we got to hold our public board meeting, well, in public. Mostly all together in Barcelona, we met in the middle of DrupalCon to share some updates with the board and community.

What’s new on Drupal.org? - August 2015

After a month of planning and organizational introspection in July, the Association spent August getting down to brass tacks. Since May, progress on Drupal 8 criticals has been rapid and we focused on doing our part to clear blockers for the upcoming Drupal 8 release candidate.

Global Training Days spotlight - Taller and Natura in Brazil

Here we shine the spotlight on one Global Training Day event that came about from a partnership between a Drupal development company and a local cosmetics company. See more wrap up posts from GTD at https://www.drupal.org/global-training-days/2015.

You can read the original post from Taller in Portuguese.

Global Training Days - August 2015 Summary

Global Training Days last weekend was a great success. There were 33 hosts from 21 countries who stepped up to introduce new people to Drupal in both half and full day sessions.

Drupal Global Training Day, Drupak, Peshawar Pakistan from Azmat Shah on Vimeo.

2014 Drupal Association Annual Report and Financials

One of our key values at the Drupal Association is communication:

We value communication. We seek community participation. We are open and transparent.

What’s new on Drupal.org? - July 2015

July was an action packed month at the Drupal Association - we had our quarterly prioritization with the Working Groups, our annual all-hands summer staff meeting, and mentored two tremendously dedicated interns throughout.

Our primary engineering focus was on DrupalCI and Localize.drupal.org - though we also found time to make some iterative changes to Drupal.org in a few areas, namely: issue credit refinements, performance, groundwork for the new content model.

Announcing a New Approach to Community at DrupalCon

Flickr photo: Boris BaldingerDrupal is a lot of things. It’s a platform, a CMS, software, and code. But here’s what Drupal is most of all: community.

Drupal Association Board Meeting: July 22, 2015

Here we go again! It's your monthly summary of all things board meeting at the Drupal Association. This month we covered board governance (there's a seat opening up), the D8 Accelerate Campaign, and the Association strategic frame. Plus, as a bonus, the board approved the Q2 financials for publication.

What’s new on Drupal.org? - June 2015

Look for links to our Strategic Roadmap highlighting how this work falls into our priorities set by the Drupal Association Board and Drupal.org Working Groups.

Off to New Adventures

As many of you know, the Drupal Association had to re-evaluate its 2015 budget, and with that came some staffing cuts. It saddens me to share that I am no longer with the Drupal Association as of July 1. I have truly enjoyed my time learning about this community and its quirks, and have loved getting to know the talented and dedicated people who are so passionate about the Drupal project. 


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