Hello, world!

I finally got around to getting myself a place to blog about Drupal Association stuff.

So like most other members, I recently returned from Drupalcon Barcelona.

For those who weren't at the panel talk there, what we've accomplished in the past year basically boils down to the following things:

    How can the Drupal Association help local Drupal user groups?

    There's a discussion on drupal.org at the moment at http://drupal.org/node/160239 where we're collecting feedback about local Drupal user groups, what works, what doesn't work, and so on. Part of this discussion also revolves around how the Drupal Association can help facilitate local user groups and organizing local events. Please contribute to the discussion and let us know how we can help!

    Knight Foundation awards over $200,000 to Drupal-related projects

    Today the Knight Foundation awarded $12 million in grants to various individuals and organizations to help journalism continue moving into a digital future. We're pleased to announce a couple of Drupal connections associated with this excellent initiative.

    Drupalcon Barcelona Official Dates in September 2007

    It's official, we'll drupalize Barcelona! This years European location for DrupalCon will be held in one of the most beautiful cities. So write down these dates:
    September, 19th-22nd, 2007.

    Results of Performance and Scalability Seminary fundraiser

    The Drupal Association has received a $5,800 donation from Drupal consulting company Lullabot. This donation comes from the profits of the Performance and Scalability seminar that was held as a fundraiser on March 24, 2007, following the Open Source CMS Summit at Yahoo! campus. Read on for more details...

    Announcing: The Drupal Association

    On January 15, 2001, Dries Buytaert started a new hobby - he created the content management system that became known as Drupal. Six years of phenomenal growth have followed. The Drupal project has evolved from a part-time interest for a handful of students to one of the most thriving and productive open source software projects in the world.

    Workflow of fundraising newsletter to paid membership with profile page

    This diagram demonstrates workflow from receiving contact email to newsletter to paid membership to profile page on the association site.

    Groups available

    Groups are set to invite and/or closed. We need to work on the flow of this and for synching accounts to be in different groups.

    Here are the current groups that may be of interest:

    * Association (this group)
    * Board - board members only
    * Fundraising (Kieran/Zack) - anyone that wants to exist with Fundraising
    * Infrastructure (Gerhard/Earl) - infrastructure of this site, Drupal.org, etc. etc.
    * Marketing and Communications (Angie/Boris) - we make pretty pictures and talk real nice
    * Members - for individual and corporate members; not yet used, need to figure this out. How to do access control for 1000s of members?!

    What is this space for?

    Well, it's a compliment to the association mailing list.

    I've said elsewhere, that "email is a place where knowledge goes to die".

    If you've got some files to upload and share, this is a good spot for them.

    We'll want to discuss what else we'll use this space for. It may be quite challenging to run a lot of private communications as well as semi-public (members only) and public content through this site. It's about time we tackled this within Drupal :P

    Updates on groups, casetracker setup

    This is trialling private group functionality using OG. Casetracker is also installed. I created an association.drupal.org project specifically for this site, and I have a "General" and a "Trademarks and Licensing" project created in the private "Board" group.

    We can do the "regular" of creating stories for discussion here, as well as add cases for individual tasks, that get grouped under projects.

    I think I may need to add/update roles for board members, which I haven't done yet, to be able to create cases and story nodes.

    Posts in multiple groups is going to be a real issue...or rather, we shouldn't do this at all.


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