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Drupal Association Board Meeting Summary: 16 April, 2014

Preparing the materials for the monthly board meeting is a lot of work, but it's a great chance to reflect each month on the momentum of the Association and the community.

Drupal Association Board Meeting this Wednesday

The month of March was pretty huge for the Association - we tackled a lot! Join us for the next Drupal Asssociation board meeting where we will review the work we accomplished and set the stage for even more. In addition to our review of March, we'll be discussing a new Marketing Committeee charter, a new Procurement Policy, and review some branding updates for the Association.

Defining Our Roles in the Drupal Community

We need a better way to work together

This is a dense topic, and this post is very long. So, let me provide a short summary here before you all tl;dr me, which would be deserved. The long and short of it is that Association staff and other community members have to figure out a better way of working together.

Drupal Association Board Meeting: March 13, 2014

Another month, another Drupal Association Board Board Meeting! Huge thanks to the community members who showed up in the meeting and on IRC to participate. We are very lucky to have so many active and passionate community members who help shape the direction of the Association. This month we tackled several meaty topics, made a big announcement, and more.

Drupal Association Board Meeting this Thursday

We continue to get busier and busier at the Association, and we want to make sure that you know everything we've been up to. Although we normally hold board meetings on Wednesdays, this month we'll be hosting our meeting on Thursday to accommodate some SXSW travel.

Join us for the 12 February Association Board Meeting

This Wednesday, 12 February 2013 at Noon Pacific (-8 UTC), we'll hold our next monthly Drupal Association board meeting. As usual, we'll give an update from the staff report, which now includes our updated dashboard numbers. We'll also tackle the an adjustement to the Association's mission statement, and here about our (fingers crossed) imminent CTO hire.

Volunteer or Contractor? Help the Association Answer This Question


The single biggest reason that the Drupal Association is such a great place to work is the Drupal community. You all dedicated your blood, sweat, and tears to make Drupal amazing, and that includes work on Drupal.org, our community’s home. As the organization charged with maintaining Drupal.org, we’ve relied on a pastiche of volunteer support, contractors (at various rate scales), and staff.

Drupal Association Board Meeting: January 15, 2014

Last week we held our first board meeting of the new year. We were really pleased to share a new staff report format featuring the KPIs and other metrics that we will be tracking in 2014 to document the impact of our work. Because board meetings are held in the middle of the month, our method going forward will be to report numbers against the plan for the month prior.

Welcome Rudy Grigar!

I am very pleased to introduce you to the newest member of the Drupal Association staff: Rudy Grigar (basic). Rudy’s first day at the Association is today, but it’s certainly not the start of his Drupal or Drupal.org experience. As our DevOps Engineer, Rudy will be in charge of ensuring that Drupal.org infrastructure is optimized for security and performance.

Join the First Association Board Meeting of 2014

Join us on January 15 at Noon Pacific for our first board meeting of 2014. This meeting will be the first to use the metrics we developed in our 2014 Leadership Plan to tell the story of our progress. For 2014, each staff update will contain metrics through the prior month. For example, in February, we will be able to report the number of comments in issues on Drupal.org as of 31 January, 2014.


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