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What is Drupal Association membership?

The Drupal Association's mission is to foster and support the Drupal community by maintaining Drupal.org software and infrastructure, providing DrupalCon scholarships and Community Cultivation Grants, hosting DrupalCons and many other community initiatives. Membership fees fund these programs and provide you and your company an easy and low cost way to help us support and grow Drupal. Join below as an Individual Member or Organization Member.

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Membership is very affordable and to make life easy, you can select auto-renew so your membership automatically renews each year. We want to ensure that anyone who wants to can support Drupal and the Drupal Association, so membership is available on a sliding scale, starting at $15 or €15 for Individuals, and $200 or €160 per year for Organizations.

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Program Benefits

Individual Member Directory Listing and Organization Member Directory
Members are listed in our public directories
Members receive discounts from Drupal Association partners like O'Reilly, Drupal Watchdog, and BuildAModule
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