My first day on the job, I got on an airplane and flew to Australia to attend DrupalCon Sydney. As first days on the job go, that’s gotta be up there as one of the best. It definitely set the tone for life in the Drupal community - it’s been an exciting adventure every single day. I’ve traveled around the world, worked with incredibly smart people, and learned four or five Git commands (thanks Cathy!).

So it’s not without some sadness that I share that my last day on this job will be June 3. Why am I leaving? Simply put, because I can. Drupal 8 is out and thriving. The Association is doing more and doing it better than it ever has. Now is the time for me to take a step back, eat some cake, and then find something new to jump into (after a nap, and probably some more cake).

Luckily, the Drupal community has an amazing individual ready to step in to lead the Association. I’m proud beyond words to see Megan Sanicki take on these challenges and work with you all as the next Executive Director of the Association. I know she will continue to build an Association that operates from its values for and with the Drupal community. We’ve been working together on this transition for a little while now, and I can’t wait to see what she does.

I just want to share a couple of thanks before I go. First, I’m deeply proud of the team that we have built at the Drupal Association. The Drupal Association staff are the rainbow unicorns of teams. They are honest about their opinions, but kind in their delivery. They are fierce in their loyalty to the community, and even more so in their loyalty to each other. They genuinely care about every interaction, and even when things go sideways, you can trust that their intentions were nothing but good. I learned from them. Every. Single. Day. I owe them a heck of a lot more than this thank you, but I wanted to get it out in the world. They are the best. Treat them well.

Secondly, I want to thank the dozens of community members who have gone out of their way to support me in this role. I’ll be following up personally with as many of you as I can, but I wanted to call out a few of you in particular. Angie taught me that introverts can learn to like hugs. George and Tiffany taught me to take my time and find the exact right words. Paul taught me that you can’t have too many passion projects. Donna taught me that it’s not summer everywhere. Cathy taught me Git (well, four or five commands that I can remember). There is so much generosity in Drupal.

The Association board and Megan will be working hard over the next few weeks on this transition to make sure that we continue to grow our support of the community, keep producing amazing DrupalCons, and ensure that Drupal remains the best darn CMS out there. I’ll be over here rooting for all of you. You’ll find me next to the cake.


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Farewell Holly! You will be missed so much!

I think it's appropriate that the last time I saw you at DrupalCon New Orleans was while you were holding a celebration cake. That's how I'll remember your work with the Drupal Association - as a celebration. :)

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Holly - I am so thankful that you've been our leader. You built a culture of compassion for each other and for the community that - even in some of our toughest and most frustrating times - always asked how we could do right by the community we serve. 

However much we goofballs support and care for each other it's because you lead the example with laughter echoing up the atrium. We'll miss you. 

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And also, ALL THE HUGS!!!

I'm glad we were able to give yoy a proper send off in New Orleans, Siracha Spice. You've more than earned that nap.


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Now I'm super-sad that I had to miss the knitting BoF this year. Congrats on helping the Association do some really amazing things, and I look forward to seeing what you do next.

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Thank you for all you've done for the Drupal community!  You always made me feel worthy when it came to stepping into uncharted waters.  Wish nothing but the best as you enter your own new adventures.  Here's to you!  Tom

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You're leaving us in a much much better place than we were whenyou joined. You can be proud of that.

Gonna miss that laugh. Than you and good luck!

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I agree! Holly, you really made this association prosper! Thank you so much! I wish you all the best with your new project!

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You rocked it, girl. Thank you for all your hard work, we will miss you so much in this role! You were a fantastic director, and I'm very grateful for everything you've done for us as a community. Hope we'll hear more about your next steps soon, after the aforementioned cake-eating (much deserved, imho).

Good luck to Megan, I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job filling those big shoes :)

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Thank you for putting so much into the community through your position! No matter what, you always seemed to have time to listen and help everyone who asked for help. Thanks, and have a great cake day!

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Same to you Jeff - you were always there to help me learn and understand! Your generosity was a model for the community. 

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Thank you Holly for all your support and endeavor for our community.

You were always there with a smile and definitely we are gonna miss you.

Have a great time eating cakes.

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While I _guess_ I can accept your reasoning, I'm gutted to hear the news! I remember meeting you in Sydney and being tremendously impressed. And my respect for you and your commitment to the Drupal community has only grown from there. Your presence will be sorely missed, but I'll raise a fork of cake to you and wish you the very best on your next adventure!

All the love and hugs-


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In the past a few years, Holly has gone extra miles to support growing local Drupal Community in China. I thank you very much and wish you best for your new adventure!

holly.ross.drupal’s picture

I can't wait to see what you folks make happen next in China. Best of luck to you, and I'm happy I played even a small part in your success!

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You are part of the success of Drupal, which has greatest community among all those open source CMS!

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Thank you for all you have done, Holly! Tske a deep breath and enjoy your next adventure. :)


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Holly, we only interacted a few times, but you were memorably cheery and professional each time. A great loss for the DA, a great gain for the rest of the world. Happy travels!

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All the very best, you already done the best work here in Drupal Association.


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Thank you for all your effort, commitment and hard work Holly - it was much appreciated.

All the best in your future endeavors!

holly.ross.drupal’s picture

Thanks so much - and thanks to MediaCurrent for being a shining example of a great community actor!

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Holly, we don't know each other personally, but I feel like I've gotten to know you over the years at DrupalCon & Twin Cities Drupal Camp. Thanks for all you've done for the Drupal community; you will be missed! Good luck!

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You've been the voice, and face, of the Association for the entire (short) time I've been involved with Drupal. Your infectious enthusiasm will be missed. Now go have some more cake ;-).

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Holly, Thanks for all you've done. Best wishes for whatever your next chapter will be.

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Much better than the alternative (Eddie Izzard reference). 

Good Luck on your adventures Holly!

holly.ross.drupal’s picture

Yes! I choose cake! :)

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Thank you for your attempt at resolving the forum issue. I know it didn't end up working, but I truly appreciate the effort regardless, and I appreciate that you took the time to give an ear to our concerns. I wish you well in your future endeavors.

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Farewell Holly! You will be missed.

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A sincere farewall Holly, and good luck in your endevors!  I have a feeling you'll do well whereever you land.

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All the best and Goodbye Holly :) You did great job for the Association. Best of luck for next assignment and enjoy the cake.

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First you leave us at NTEN, now you leave us at the DA?   At least you always leave us in good hands.

Thanks for all you've done (again) and best of luck in whatever's next (again)!

holly.ross.drupal’s picture

yup! Megan's got this! And all good things must come to an end...

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All the best for your next adventure !!

yareckon’s picture

Thanks for all of your work, and good luck in your next endeavor!

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All the best for your future endeavours and enjoy the cake.

You will be missed!

mr.ashishjain’s picture

Haven't interacted much, but thanks for your efforts in Drupal and good luck with your future endeavours..!!

Bon Voyage..!!

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It's been a heck of a ride with you. You're leaving Drupal better than you found it. Thanks.

So glad we got you in the Prenote to send you off with that important skill on your reumé!

- jam.

holly.ross.drupal’s picture

Yeah - really working on how to get Sriracha Spice on my resume, but it's really not worth it without the pictures... THANK YOU for being such a fun, smart collaborator for the last few years!

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Thanks for all you've done during your time at the Association, and please continue to be awesome in your future cake-eating endeavors!

holly.ross.drupal’s picture

Thanks Joel - I have to say... If I excel at anything, it's cake.

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Thank you for your committment to Drupal's success.  I appreciate your professionalism coupled with humor and personality. As one can see by the comments on this page alone, the community is deep and diverse here, and it is what makes Drupal what it is (to many).  That you are leaving is a real change not just in your life but in this huge community.

And you gave me a great idea with your Sriracha (also known as "The Rooster") comment: You could cut out a nice rectangular hole in your resume, put a marker-tip scribble and arrow with, "Help me fill this hole!" pointing to it.  Or "here's what I've left behind," depending what you're trying to project that day.. :D

Best of luck, Holly!

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Drupal, and it's community, are both in an awesome spot right now. In no small part because of the work you've done over the past few years. Thanks Holly. You'll be missed.

zianamitchell’s picture

I wish you the best of luck in all that you do.

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Few of us will ever sit in a Big Chair this big. Managing a million voices (literally) and mustering that into a vision that calms, excites and energizes an organization this large is a task well beyond what most of us will ever be part of. The juggling of people, projects, talents, passions while operating on a mandate to grow everything on a shoestring budget is a monstrous Scope of Work to say the least.

We have come a long way under your stewardship and are a better organized, thriving association today for your efforts. Thank you the talent, energy and joy you brought to the DA. 

Congratulations Megan. As always, I'm here to support you. I know you'll knock it out of the park. Cheers to our fabulous Drupal Powerhouse Women.


holly.ross.drupal’s picture

Thanks so much Susan - I appreciate that you have always been so supportive, all while doing amazing things for Drupal yourself! Thanks for all you do.

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Holly, thanks a lot for everything you've done for the community and the Drupal ecosystem at large.

A strong Drupal Association, most vibrant and engaged Community, amazing Drupalcons, matured Drupal project and the overall ecosystem are already headed towards their best growth path than ever.

It was a pleasure hosting you for my panel at Drupalcon Asia. We are gonna miss you.

holly.ross.drupal’s picture

Thanks so much Piyush. I can honestly say that I am going to miss you too!

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I love the fact that Smart people always give us a boost participation and always draw them good ideas also the fact I am happy to join the global community of Drupal also hope for better times to everybody

hotelcharminar’s picture

That's how I'll remember your work with the Drupal Association - as a celebrating...

wafer’s picture

I have first introduced to @holly.ross while on drupal con asia16,she pulled my bags insde at IIT to keep me attend training,before I didn't know she is the golden umbrella of our community,so sad to be miss you for now but never for your contribution and make the community stronger which I feel you will continue.

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Wow. I'm struggling to find the right words right now, but I really want to try.

You are amazing.

We have been so lucky to have you lead us over the last 3 years.  You truly transformed the association into a professional, effective organisation that is the envy of other open source projects. We are stronger because of your leadership, but also simply because of who you are, and the sheer joie de vivre you brought to the job.

I will miss your guidance, your care, and your laughter during our DA board meetings. You even managed to make getting up at 4:45am bearable! ;-)

But, I will not miss you - because I'm just looking forward to what you do next, and planning to continue to call you friend.

Thank you so very much Holly. I hope your next adventure is filled with more cake, and more knitting, and I'm keen to hear all about it!

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may $deity hold you in the palm of her hand.


- Donna

harrymann’s picture

Hey Holly,

I never got the chance to meet or greet ya, but I was always happy to receive emails from ya.  I always knew there would be something new and exciting to read about in the Drupal world when I received a new email from you.  Thanks for the good knowledge you gave us all about Drupal.  Good luck in your new endeavors and I hope maybe perhaps our paths may cross in the future.  I will look for you next to the cake, see ya... 

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Nice to meet you in DrupalCon Asia. Thanks for  everything you did.

Have a great life ahead ...


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Good Luck for you....

mariakatosvich’s picture

Thank you for all you've done for the Drupal community!  You always made me feel worthy when it came to stepping into uncharted waters.  Wish nothing but the best as you enter your own new adventures.  Here's to you!