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Two Years of Community Cultivation Grants

Blog post author Thomas Turnbull is one of the three members of the grants committee, along with Michael Anello and Amye Scavarda. He is a web developer at Google, previously building Drupal sites at Zagat and Sony Music. He has helped to run Drupal Camps and meetups in New York City, and is co-author of Mapping with Drupal

Village of Oak Park DUG Community Cultivation Grant report for the DA

This post by Cathy Theys was previously published on GDO, but she gave us permission to repost it here. So many things in this story to love, from the multi-generational meetups to the start of Global Sprint Weekend. If you have a Drupal community initiative you want to get off the ground, check out the info on Community Cultivation Grants to see if you might qualify for funding.

Thanks, Cathy!

Drupal Around the World: April 2013

If you know Drupal well enough to find yourself reading this, you probably know that Drupal is powered by a global community. In practice, though, it is very easy to look at your local community, your co-workers, and the people you meet at DrupalCons and think, “This is the Drupal community.”

The reality is that we each know and understand a limited slice of the community; the experiences and perspectives are different from locale to locale, sector to sector, function to function, and of course individual to individual.

Community Cultivation Grants: put a little octane in the tank to get your community going

Getting things off the ground in any open source community is a challenge.  Beyond motivation, you need some resources to help get things moving with outreach and educational programs. To help you overcome some of the barriers, the Drupal Association has been piloting the Community Cultivation Grant program, drawing on the same awesome attitude that has earned the Drupal Community its community-oriented reputation within the open source universe. 

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