Drupal.org team week notes #31: 2014 in review

Now that we are few weeks into 2015, we’d like to look back at 2014 and share some interesting numbers about Drupal.org.

Last year Drupal.org received almost 48.9 million visits from 21.2 million unique visitors. The spike around September/October is due to spam-related traffic, and, of course, DrupalCon Amsterdam.

Drupal.org team week notes #30

It’s been awhile since our last week notes post, but before a lot of you will go off to celebrate holidays, we wanted to tell you about some of the recent exciting changes on Drupal.org

Responsive Drupal.org

As a New Year’s present to all Drupal.org visitors, today we deployed the initial responsive version of Bluecheese theme. This means that Drupal.org will now look much better on small and large screens. Drupal.org subsites on Drupal 7, such as Api.Drupal.org and Assoc.Drupal.org, will follow as they are tested.

The work on responsifying the theme started at Drupal Dev Days in Szeged earlier this year, with the final testing happening during BADCamp in November.

We’d like to thank our wonderful volunteers for making this happen:
LewisNyman, dasjo, emma.maria, mallezie, Manuel Garcia, sqndr, thamas.

This is the initial deployment, though more page-by-page improvements will be coming. Drupal.org is a big site, with lots of pages that will need specific mobile-first design changes.

Drupal.org team week notes #29

Better credit for organizations on Drupal.org

We added a feature to projects on Drupal.org to help highlight the contributions made by supporting organizations. Maintainers of distributions, modules, and themes can give credit to organizations that have materially contributed to projects on Drupal.org using the new “Supporting Organizations" field.

Drupal.org team week notes #28

Upcoming deployments

This week we are planning to deploy a solution for multiple values for listings of current companies and organizations, a fix for wrong 'open issues' count on user project page, an upgrade Fasttoggle to 7.x-1.5, and a few smaller patches.

Drupal.org team week notes #27

Upcoming deployments: CDN switch for Drupal.org

We have successfully switched all of the Drupal.org sub-sites over to our CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider. On July 2nd we will be pointing Drupal.org (www.drupal.org) at our CDN. This deployment improves our ability to serve static files (images, javascript, css, patches, etc.) and improves our network routes outside of North America.

Drupal.org team week notes #26

Upcoming deployments: improvements to comments

You may have noticed that Drupal.org user profiles now let you upload your picture. These will be shown with comments. You can see a preview on the staging site, the HTTP user/password is drupal/drupal: in the issue queue (example) and forum (example). You can log in with your Drupal.org username and password to test more.

There are more improvements to come in the next few weeks. This is the first round of implementation for a design process led by Mark Carver and Bojhan Somers. Read more about the design changes and future work in the issue queue.

Drupal.org team week notes #25: exciting 2 years

Today is a special edition of week notes. Exactly 2 years ago I published the first post. A lot has happened since then, but we are still happy to share our news and updates every couple of weeks. Here is for the next 2 years!

So... what happened in the past few weeks?

Drupal.org team week notes #24

Drupal.org improvements

One of the noticeable events of the past few weeks was, of course, the Heartbleed security incident, so the team was busy responding to it.

Apart from that we also got a few things fixed:

Drupal.org team week notes #23: Drupal Dev Days Szeged

This week’s notes will be all about something unique, which happened last week: a 7 day long sprint for Drupal.org.

Drupal.org team week notes #22

Drupal.org improvements

As usual, a lot of big and small deployments happened on Drupal.org during the past 2 weeks. RTBC patches are now being automatically re-tested (thanks jthorson!). Module index page is back, as well as full pager on issue listings, except for text search pages (thanks drumm!).

There is a new block available in your Dashboard on Drupal.org - “Your security issues”. The block will display the issues you have access to on security.drupal.org. Thanks mlhess and drumm!


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