What We've Been Up To

The Drupal Association works hard to make sure that the Drupal community is well-supported. Along with teams of volunteers, these are some of the things we’ve accomplished to further the Drupal project and make the Drupal community even better. We devote our time and funds to supporting large community initiatives, and are supported by our members.

DrupalCon London

DrupalCon London

Drupal took over the Fairfield Halls & Croydon College in South London for five days in August 2011.

It was amazing success with a final attendance of 1751. We're delighted to announce that as well as being the biggest European DrupalCon in terms of attendees, DrupalCon London was also a profitable event--investing over £38,000 back into the Drupal Community. The Drupal Association will use those funds to help improve the Drupal.org infrastructure, help spread the word through our Drupal Community Cultivation Grants, and give the opportunity to attend future DrupalCons through scholarships.

Thank you to all of the volunteers, organizers and sponsors for making this happen. Dozens of people helped organize the event, design collateral, made sure video was promptly uploaded, organized tracks, gave directions and much more. Thank you to everyone who helped.

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DrupalCon Denver

DrupalCon 2012

DrupalCon North America is being held March 19-23, 2012 at the Colorado Convention Center.  With an exciting line up of training sessions, guest speakers, sprints, and (of course) parties, attendees are sure to learn a lot, meet new friends, and have a great time. 

The Drupal Association wants to give a special thanks to the amazing team of local Denver volunteers that have put in many many hours to make this event possible, as well as the DrupalCon 2012 sponsors, since they play a huge role in making the conference possible.

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DrupalCon Munich

Munich, Germany is hosting DrupalCon 2012 from August 20 - 24. Find out more by visiting the homepage and other links below.

Drupal.org Redesign

Drupal's home hasn't always been a nice place to visit. The objective of the redesign was to make Drupal.org more inviting and representative of how amazing Drupal is. Updating the look and feel of Drupal.org was important for appealing to new users as well as making the site more usable for its current community.

The effort to redesign drupal.org began in August, 2005 at the OSCON Drupal meet-up. Drupal.org needed a great design and the community set out to create the Drupal Association and raise money for two years to hire a design firm.

In late 2007, the Drupal Association kicked off the design firm hiring process. At DrupalCon Boston in March 2008, the Association committed that redesigning Drupal.org was it's number one priority.

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Drupal BizConnect

Drupal BizConnect is the Drupal Association’s effort to build a strong community of businesses who use and contribute to Drupal. By offering sales and marketing tools, networking, and organizing other resources for businesses using Drupal, we aim to get organizations involved with the Drupal project.

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DrupalCon Scholarships

The Drupal Association scholarship program allows Drupal Community members who would otherwise not be able to attend DrupalCon to do so by covering full or partial conference registration, travel and lodging, and assisting in acquiring international visas.

Our Scholarship Selection team will be looking for applicants passionate about Drupal and who would not be able to attend DrupalCon without financial assistance. Please indicate in the application the level of financial assistance you need, keeping in mind that we strive to accommodate the maximum number of scholarship recipients at DrupalCon our budget allows.

Scholarship Evaluation Criteria
1. Only voluntary, non-profit work makes applicants eligible for a scholarship. Working on the Drupal project (core, documentation, events, etc) as part of a paid job does NOT count.

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