Congratulations to Mortendk and Matthew Saunders, our newly elected Directors at Large, representing the community on the board of the Drupal Association. Please join me in thanking all the candidates who put themselves forward to stand for election.

This was our third community election for the rebooted Drupal Association. We’ve learned a lot along the way and made some minor adjustments as we went, but it´s always good to reflect in the process, and perhaps reassess how we go about this in the future.
We’re excited to welcome Matthew to the board and have Morten continue on for another year.

In late 2011 we had a series of discussions on about how we should elect community representatives to the board. You can review those discussions online.

This year we’ve heard and share the community´s disappointment about the lack of diversity amongst the candidates and welcome everyone´s ideas on how to ensure we reach out wider next time. If you know great people who would be willing to serve on the board, please help us and encourage them to nominate themselves next year.

We also need to encourage more people to vote. This year 668 people cast their vote. That is 0.36% of eligible voters, which compares with last year when 0.55% of eligible voters cast a vote.  Voting was open for 6 days, as opposed to 2 weeks last year. So that may well be a factor in the lower turn-out. Nonetheless we should explore the reasons, and find ways to engage more of our community in this process in the future. We´ll be opening discussion on the elections on and invite all those interested to share their thoughts.

Finally, I’d really like to thank Tatiana, Neil and Holly for taking on the work of running the elections, and outgoing community board member Pedro Cambra not only for wrangling the election software, but for being so great to work with over the past year.


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I've read the discussions linked above, and think that one 'issue' is that IRV (Instant RunOff Voting) requires knowing quite a lot about many candidates in order for it to work better.  Approval or Range Voting would likely end up with better community results... and is more 'Drupal community' friendly, in that it doesn't require ranking of people into an order, merely if they agree with the candidate's view/etc.  If people are interested in this for next election, let me know.  I would be interested in helping to implement this.

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Thanks Seth - appreciate you bringing this to us on the blog and at the Con. Donna Benjamin, who is our board member who works on elections, will be launching some discussions with the community in the near future, and it may indeed be time to revisit this part of the process.