The Infrastructure Working Group was created a while ago and has since had a couple of meetings to advance the cause of our glorious infrastructure.

The charter and more info about the group can be found here:

We'll continue to meet biweekly, meeting minutes will be posted here:

We will use the existing infra issue queue which is the best place to get into contact with us:

We will tag issues that we are working on with ' Infrastructure WG':

We've decided on the following priorities for the remainder of 2013:

1) Growing the team

The infrastructure team was never particularly big and has always depended on individuals who were able to put in a lot of work. However, our responsibilities have increased and will continue to increase. For continued good experience of users and administrators on * we therefore need to add more members to the team. For this to work, we'll have to define roles within the team, new roles, and responsibilities of these roles. Then we can define the process of how we add people to the team, ie. how to assign access permissions. Once this is done we'll ask for people to step forward and apply.

2) Documentation

A lot of the things we do and why we do them the way we do have grown organically over the years. A lot of this is undocumented and this needs to change. This is also neccessary to make it easier to bring new people on board.

3) Security related improvements

Following the recent security incident, we have taken some measures to harden our infrastructure, but there is still more that can be done. The DA invested in a security audit of our infrastructure. We are awaiting their formal report and recommendations for improvements. The implementation of these changes could take us well into 2014.