GlobeOkay, so you know when your birthday is approaching, and you start wondering what fabulous surprise your friends have in store for you?  Well, that’s how you should feel about the future of DrupalCons!

We are launching a blog series: The Making of a DrupalCon which will highlight the great community feedback we are receiving and how we are using it to evolve DrupalCon. And, we will explain the processes we are using to make these exciting changes.

Through surveys, evaluation forms, and meetings, the community has given us great ideas on how to evolve DrupalCons to meet the new needs. We listened to your requests and some that stand out are more in-depth sessions, more sprints, and more concentrated time for community. And, guess what?  Surprise!  We’re pivoting quickly and addressing this at DrupalCon Prague: Here is what’s in store:

  • Extended sessions in the form of 2.5 hour Labs which will take a deeper dive into content you’ve been interested in

  • Extended Sprints on Monday to focus exclusively on the code

  • Community Summit on Monday so folks doing camps and meet-ups can have dedicated time to network and learn!

We received a lot of other great feedback and will report on that in future blogs, but here are some 2014 DrupalCon spoilers to get excited about:

  • Industry specific workshops

  • Expanding content to include all members of the community like various audiences at Drupal site owners

  • Adding a business summit for CMS evaluators

  • Adding a job fair to address the need for a strong talent marketplace

  • Redesigning the exhibit hall so it’s even more fun and creates more traffic

And our listening never stops!  We plan to hold 3 DrupalCons each year, one in North America, one in Europe, and a third in a location that is strategic for the forward movement of the project.  Where would you like us to go?

If you have a suggestion, we invite you to fill out this survey about your selected site.  We’re giving you the month of July to get your submissions in. 

Thank you in advance and we hope to see you in Prague, or Austin, or ?????

Image: Flickr Marcus Zorbis