Global Training Days logoThe latest edition of Global Training Days took place on June 14 in 15 countries around the world. From what we have heard from participating trainers, demand was once again very high. Did you participate, and would you be interested in sharing your story here on our blog?  

The Drupal Association initiated Global Training Days as a regular program to introduce new and beginning users to Drupal. One of two curriculums are presented:

1. Introduction to Drupal, a full day of training on the basics of Drupal

2. What is Drupal?, a half day workshop geared toward evaluators

After each Global Training Day, we like to hear from people who participated to get a sense for how their training went and whether there are lessons learned that can be shared with the community. Here is a great example from France we recently posted on the blog. We would also love to hear from any trainees who attended, to get their perspective.

If you would like to provide a guest blog post about Global Training Days here on the Drupal Association blog, please email me at Thanks for sharing your story!

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