In our last community survey about webinars, over 400 people participated and many stated that they want more education on third party software that integrates with Drupal and tools (developer, project management, and design tools) that will help them build even better Drupal sites.

So we are creating the Technology Partner Program, to attract those kinds of companies and help them educate you about their products and services in a helpful, not spammy, way. The companies would pay to join this program and those funds will help us hire the Tech Team, which is coming together to improve our community home with better developer collaboration and faster and easier-to-find modules.

Will you take our survey to tell us which kinds of companies’ products and offerings you would like to learn about? We will then talk with those companies and invite them to join the Technology Partner Program, that will launch this summer.

This survey is for anyone involved with building Drupal sites (developers, site builders, project managers, Drupal shop leaders, etc). And, the survey asks:

  • What kind of third party applications and tools companies do you want to learn about?

  • What are the best ways to provide educational content about their offerings?

  • How should these companies should work with community members with regard to integration modules?

The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.

Thank you ahead of time for sharing your thoughts with us so we can tailor the Technology Partner Program to your business and educational needs.



cjoy’s picture

Why does the DA feel the need to advertise select 3rd party SaaS to the drupal community?
I strongly feel that this is a reversal of how it should be: educate the userbase of said 3rd party SaaS of the opportunity Drupal has to offer to them and showcase the contrib integrations available. You dont need to pitch the Drupal folks, they already use drupal and they will use existing integrations or help create or improve those that are lacking when need be.

I dont see the role of the DA in cherry picking any specific SaaS and pushing their advertorials to the Drupal community, but maybe that's just me. 

megansanicki’s picture

Hi cjoy,

Sorry for the delay. I was out of the office last week.

I appreciate your input and I was pleasantly surprised to find in my last survey that a large percentage of community members do want to learn about tools and third partner integrations. I think everyone is looking for new ways to expand their site's features. I talk with members all day and find this need comes up a lot in our conversations. So, the beauty of this survey is to verify what people want to learn about and then we can see how to help. I'll be curious to see the survey results and will be sure to share them!



Megan Sanicki

Associate Director

Drupal Association