Global training dayJeremie SCHMIDT is the director of Trained People, a French based company specializing in Drupal training and consulting for more than 6 years. In addition to his Drupal passion, Jeremie is leading an NGO which help kids from third world countries, to get a better future.

As the latest Global Training Day is now upon us, we wanted to tell the story of the previous training day in France. The last Drupal Global Training Day was a lot of fun and especially on the French side of it.  In France, the Drupal CMF is not very well known by professionals and the public, so this free training day is necessary to promote the solution and people who attend are very curious about it.

To be honest, when we register to deliver the training “Introduction to Drupal” we didn’t know what to expect from it. We have been delivering Drupal Training in France for more than 6 years now and we know very well that it can be tricky to promote this kind of training to the public. But only 1 week after having opened the registration and promoted it on our Facebook page, there were 20 people registered, so we had to close the registration because of training room size!

Fifteen people attended coming from very different backgrounds: people looking for jobs and wanting to add Drupal to their skills; integrators or agencies who were thinking about adding Drupal to their portfolio of offerings; companies who were looking for the best solution for theirs projects.

Everybody came with different objectives, but everybody asked the same question: What can Drupal really do? What was very interesting for us is that usually we are faced with a public who is essentially interested in the technical part of Drupal, but this time it was more business-oriented. Most of the questions were about functional limits, cost, reputation, distribution model, community organization, learning curve, etc. We could feel that people were here to make a decision about the solution they will invest in! That’s why there was much interest in the solution and on the ecosystem.

Everybody left giving great feedback about this training day. They got answers to their questions, they received a global overview of the solution, and they knew where to start, in order to join the Drupal adventure… But they were a bit frustrated about something: they were missing the typical Drupal project process presentation: to get from a blank Drupal installation to a final Drupal website with a demonstration at every step of the process. This is a tricky point because it could be different for each project and organization, but we will find a way to add this point to the next “Drupal Global Training Day” that we will present on June 14th. Yes, the first Drupal Global Training Day was a great success for us, so we decided to participate in the next one too… It’s going to rock!

This time we have space to accommodate more than 20 people…

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