Following my post “Structuring the webmasters queue or who is doing what”, time has come for a quick update on our next steps. content: we’ve reorganized ourselves!

In November 2012 we created the new content project - an area specifically for the content issues. The project covers marketplace listing, case study promotion, and front page promotion requests; issues related to Drupal Planet and other non-documentation content on, such as forums, landing pages etc. Most of them were previously in the Webmasters queue and were moved to the new Content project.

The idea of a separate project for content management and moderation has been around for some time already, and recent discussions brought it to the light again.
There were several goals for this move:

  • we needed a dedicated and organized place for content-related issues, where each moderated section has own component;
  • separate queue would be much smaller than Webmasters queue, making it less overwhelming for people to follow it and stay up-to-date;
  • we wanted to make it easier and less intimidating for new people to start contributing.

To meet the goals, particularly the last one, we also created a set of guides - “Contribute to Content Moderation”. They list all the parts of the queue, team leads and steps to get involved and contribute. content team: who we are

There is already a number of people active in the content issue queue. Using this opportunity I’d like to thank all of them for all the work they do to help maintain various parts of

Danita Bowman, DSquaredB
Terry Hughes, Tezza
Lisa Rex, lisarex
David Hochhausen, dddave
David, silverwing
Ivo Van Geertruyen, mr.baileys
Greg Knaddison, greggles
Steve Purkiss, stevepurkiss
Alex Laughnan, laughnan
Alberto Paderno, kiamlaluno
Codi Lechasseur, codi

Thank you!

Dedicated IRC channel

To make both Content and Webmasters issue queues more effective and help onboard new people we’ve established a dedicated IRC channel: #drupalorg. Everyone is welcome to join (especially webmasters and content team members)!

Get involved

We still have more things to sort out for this new project and documentation is still in progress, now is the perfect time to jump in and help us.

Particularly help is needed with our latest addition to the content project - a queue for the new Books section of the Marketplace. The guidelines are in place and we need volunteers to review and add new books to the listing.

If you would like to do that or help with another part of the queue - join #drupalorg and we’ll help you get started!

P.S. On a related note, if you are one of the people who contribute to - you can now show it on your profile page.