In 2012, the Drupal Association began an initiative to engage with Drupal camp organizers to create a channel of communication and also promotion of DA programs that help foster and support the Drupal community. This year, the DA connected with organizers around the world to spread the word about grants, scholarships, DrupalCons, Global Training Days, and DA membership as far as possible. Even the big Drupal balloon attended some sessions at DrupalCamp Atlanta this fall. 

We plan to continue this collaboration and do even more for camp organizers in the coming year and I want to share some resources with you that are available right now for anyone who wants to organize a Drupal Camp. In addition, check out this list of 2012 camp sessions and slides. By compiling these links for you, I hope it helps you learn more about our active worldwide Drupal community and also see what other camps are doing. You can learn more about the Drupal Association here

Want to start a Drupal local camp or meetup? Resources for Camp Organizers:

on or

  • COD - Conference Organizing Distribution for your camp site
  • DA Fiscal Sponsorship - currently available for camps in the U.S., but we can offer advice to you if you start a camp outside of U.S.
  • Drupal Association Marketing Resources - provides you with DA information to share at your camp that will help grow the Drupal community


Drupal community sites

Many thanks to all of the 2012 camps that promoted the DA through Sessions and Slides:

  1. Drupal DownUnder
  2. Drupal Summit Latino
  3. Drupalsciencecamp UK
  4. Drupal Roadshow Austria
  5. Florida DrupalCamp
  6. Drupal Camp Manila
  7. DrupalCamp Essen
  8. DrupalCamp Singapore
  9. DrupalCamp Minsk
  10. DrupalCamp Sofia
  11. Front End United
  12. Drupal Camp Wrocław
  13. DrupalCamp Valencia
  14. DrupalCamp Nashville
  15. DrupalCamp Portugal
  16. DrupalCamp Dublin
  17. DrupalCamp Twin Cities
  18. DrupalCamp Scotland
  19. DrupalCamp Gent
  20. DrupalCamp Helsinki
  21. DrupalCamp Vancouver
  22. DrupalCamp Charlotte
  23. DrupalCamp Sacramento
  24. Drupal Developer Days Barcelona
  25. Drupal Camp Utah
  26. Oxford Drupal Education Camp
  27. Drupaldelphia
  28. DrupalCamp Bogota
  29. DrupalCamp Jordan
  30. Design 4 Drupal Boston
  31. NYC DrupalCamp
  32. DrupalCamp POA
  33. DrupalCamp Wisconsin/ Midwest Drupal Developer Summit
  34. Capital Camp
  35. DrupalCamp LA
  36. DrupalCorn
  37. Drupal Camp Asheville
  38. DrupalCamp CT
  39. Dallas Drupal Days
  40. DrupalCamp Kyiv
  41. Drupal Camp Alberta
  42. Drupal Day Austin
  43. DrupalCamp Helsinki
  44. DrupalCamp Peru
  45. DrupalCamp Baltics
  46. DrupalCamp Seoul
  47. DrupalCamp Israel
  48. DrupalCamp Centroamerica
  49. Drupal Design Camp L.A.
  50. DrupalCamp Montreal
  51. Drupal Regional Day Bangalore
  52. Drupalcamp Spain
  53. Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit
  54. DrupalCamp South Florida
  55. DrupalHagen
  56. DrupalCamp Atlanta
  57. BADCamp
  58. Lviv Euro DrupalCamp
  59. DrupalCafe Saint Petersburg
  60. DrupalCamp Rio
  61. Drupal Camp Chicago
  62. DrupalCamp Toronto
  63. DrupalCamp Pakistan
  64. Drupalcamp Arad
  65. 2012 Kaohsiung Drupal Conference
  66. Drupal Days Oslo
  67. DrupalCamp NW UK
  68. Drupal Weekend Hungary
  69. DrupalCamp Ohio
  70. Drupal Day Rome
  71. DrupalCamp Delhi
  72. Drupal Balkan Summit ZAGREB 2012

If your camp is missing from this list, contact me or provide a link in the comments for your videos/slides and my apologies for missing yours. And again, thank you for your support of the Drupal Association. 

We look forward to hearing about all of your 2013 Drupal Camps!  Long live Drupal!

Lizz Trudeau
Drupal Association Memberships


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Thanks a lot for the listing Lizz!

The correct link for Drupalcamp Spain is :)

Also, Drupal day Valencia:

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Its really nice to hear about various camps to promote DA program..I am eager to join with you..