In 2009, the Drupal Community was pleasantly surprised when moved to the Drupal platform.  Since then, Drupal has made major inroads in the U.S. federal government. Last week they took another step forward in our community by releasing their code on


Peter Welsch, Deputy Director of Online Platform for the Office of Digital Strategy announced that the White House had established a presence on the Drupal website. This supplements their already active presence on GitHub. One of the first modules committed to the Drupal repositories is "'We the People' petitions," which powers the White House petitions website.

This follows on the White House's previously announced Digital Government initiative to empower citizen developers to build on work paid for by the people by embracing open government, open data and open source. They have consistently recognized the importance of community in meeting these goals.

The Drupal Association embraces and applauds this and all contributions to our community.


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This declaration proves that the White House is becoming more involved in the open source software community. is based on Drupal, an open source CMS, and the White House has formerly released source code for several Drupal modules. Now, developers in the Obama administration are working with the Drupal community to develop 'We the People,' the White House's online petition system. The White House website offers a page for developers interested in using their open source tools at