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Hi Simon,

In 50 words or less, what will you bring to the board of the Drupal Association?

- Donna

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I would bring this normal guy called Si Hobbs, who tries to stay clear-headed and ego-free. I'm a problem solver who chews slowly, I like to meditate on hard problems until simple solutions are revealed. I naturally seek transparency while recognising there is a time and place for discretion.

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4:22am Donna!?? :)

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I reckon this site shows time in UTC... I'm pretty sure I didn't do that at 4:22am. ;)

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My collated answers to all the "Meet The Candidates" sessions.

Session 1

stevepurkiss: If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about the Drupal Association, what would it be and why?

The ability to be fully transparent without that causing ongoing debates that chew up valuable board member time.

Senpai: QUESTION: How much money should the DA spend each year on furthering Drupal? Followup Q: How much of that money should come from the users of Drupal vs sponsorships or advertising?

A certain amount of money should be spent on good ideas. Regarding the follow-up question, I see no reason why the DA should be held accountable for how specific revenue streams are allocated, but may choose to for legal or PR reasons.

KatteKrab: QUESTION: How would you help make the Drupal Association reach out to parts of the world that aren't yet active in our community? How can we be more international?

I believe the DA should reserve a board position for each region. This would create buzz at the very least.

dstol: QUESTION: What is your biggest annoyance with Drupal.Org currently? [the website]

I don't really have one. Perhaps I am spoiled by mobile apps for other websites, and I don't see any blockers (except technical infra issues) for having mobile app access to issue queues.

steveoliver: QUESTION: What role do you see for the DA in developing and/or certifying formalized Drupal training/testing?

I think it should have a role, in fact I potentially see this as a revenue stream. But, I would only support this being done very well.

beeradb_: QUESTION: What community leadership have you show that you think positions you well to be a community representative on the board?

Between 2007 and 2010 I worked hard on the Melbourne Drupal community and you would say I was a leader, but I could have been a better leader! I am not leading within the Drupal community currently. Leadership is something I do when it is called for. There will be leadership within the board over individual issues and this would reflect a healthy board. I have no problem with taking charge of something if I am inspired to do so.

j_matthew_s: My question is related to Governance VS Operations at the DA. Where are the lines between what the Board should do vs Staff? For example - who should be directing mission vs strategic planning vs program management?

The board are the gatekeepers. In my perfect world the only function performed by a board member is to vote (and remain sufficiently informed to vote well). Other organisations hire strategic planners and the Drupal Association shouldn't be any different. I want to see more staff.

In reality, board members do more than just attend meetings and vote, and this is probably critical to the success of the Drupal Association at its current size (budget limitations and structural immaturity).

joebachana: What is the greatest threat to the Drupal project today and what should the DA's role be in ameliorating/resolving that threat?

I do not perceive any threats to the Drupal community. Only individuals can become attached to what they feel the Drupal community should be, and it is their own attachment that is threatened.

starl3n: Q: how do candidates define the Drupal 'community'? And, developers Vs users...

The word "community" is a label of convenience. It can easily fall on the wrong side of a Gran Falloon. For me, the "Drupal community" is synonymous with "Drupal", and if you don't know what "Drupal" means to you, you wouldn't be voting.

beeradb_: QUESTION: If you weren't running, which of the other candidates do you think would be great for the board?

Matthew Saunders interests me a lot, I like his opinion and his experience. Pedro Cambra too, I love that he has been involved in founding a Spanish Drupal Association.

Session 2

highermath: @nnewton: Should the Infra team be represented on the (governance) board or the advisory board. Or both?

I believe infra should be represented on the advisory board at the very least.

highermath: What should be the number one goal of the Board?

To support the vision of the Drupal project, as defined by Dries in his position as the project lead. This then cascades down specific focus areas, of course.

highermath: What should be the relationship between the Board, the ED and the staff.

I don't know if I understand the subtext of this question. I will say "cordial and effective".

KatteKrab: In 2012 the DA was trying to achieve 6 goals as outlined here Which one in particular would you champion?

My interest would mainly be around the training initiatives. This is not because I believe they are most important, but because they are the best fit for my experience and passion.

jthorson: What specific initiatives would you suggest as a DA board member, to help drive growth of the Drupal community in new regions and communities which may not currently be represented?

I would propose a that board position is reserved in each region.

ChrisChinchilla: How would you engage new users who are passionate about Drupal but aren't developers?

Like human beings.

mortendk: Who would you vote on - if you had to choose 2 of the others?

I am leaning towards Matthew Saunders or Pedro Cambra.

nnewton: How do you feel volunteer positions fit into the vision of an ED/board/staff split in the DA? What happens when volunteers overlap with staff positions?

Volunteers performing actual DA work is OK as long as there is delegation and reporting.

bertboerland: What makes the Drupal Association succesful?

Legal and financial stability. Regularly increasing membership base and revenue.

Session 3

simesy_: I'm interested in what the other candidates think about Narayan as a candidate who will fill the gap of having infrastructure representation on the board.

I think Narayan stands on his own as a candidate, and if there was a specific skills gap then the nominating committee would put Narayan forward for appointment.

pcambra: What would be the best way to improve the relationship between the DA and the local communities to build better and bigger events?

Regional representation, which could be achieved by reserving a board position for all regions.

HornCologne: Do you think the DA should work more closely with Dries to make sure that initiatives for Drupal 9 are funded and therefore on time and successful?

Perhaps, if it involved finding suitable enterprise sponsors. I think pcambra convinced me of that in the "meet the candidates" session.

Session 4

valthebald: What threats to the Drupal community do you see, which are not handled by DA? How CAN they be handled?

I do not perceive any threats to the Drupal community. Only individuals can become attached to what they feel the Drupal community should be, and it is their own attachment that is threatened.

aimeem: What is the best/ way that the association can find out about the top 4 benefits that members see the associations as needing to provide to make the association more relevant for members

You have to ensure that innovative ideas can be tabled at board meetings, which already happens. The marketing committee charter pitch by Ben Finklea at the March meeting was a fantastic example of the community pushing innovation into the DA, and there is no reason why this shouldn't apply to ideas around increasing membership value.

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I met with Simon this week and he discussed with me his long-standing involvement with the Drupal community as well as his passion for the Drupal Association and desire to become a 2013 "At Large" Director. He understands the Drupal community, the past, present and future of the Drupal framework and CMS and I for one would love to see him elected.

Anyone want to help, join the #hobbs4da2013 Super PAC and spread the word--Not just about Simon, but about the Drupal Association Election itself. I wasn't even aware of the association and its role until fairly recently. It's something that all active members of the Drupal community should engage with and take an interest in.

I posted about the Election 2013 Drupal Association on Google+ today. You should spread the word on social media too and get people engaged.

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Why thanks Christopher!! Was great to meet you and embed your name in my memory banks :)