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That's great to read to that you want to be part of the adventure Pedro! I believe that the DA would be a stronger and better association with you in it. I witnessed the work you put to grow the spanish community and to throw great events (the next drupal dev days will have to do something more awesome than partying on the beach, good luck with that) and knowing that you would help the local groups to develop could lead to something really great and strong.

I wish you the best!

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I hope you became a board member of the Drupal Asociation.

good luck!

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Pedro is a reference within the Spanish community and I have seen that his efforts are recognized internationally as well. I am confident that he would work for the DA with the same diligence as he had done with the Spanish Association.

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Pedro was involved in very kind of Drupal events in Spain and has put all of his efforts in motivate us to improve the community collaboration.

Good luck, Pedro.

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It's great to see the enthusiasm expressed here for Pedro, but please respect the Etiquette outlined on the nominations list, in particular:

"Please don't comment only to endorse a particular candidate. Endorsements clutter up discussion. Instead, pose questions that you and others can learn from."

So if you know Pedro to be an outstanding candidate because of previous experiences with him, ask him about those experiences so that we can view how he responds and learn what you know. :)

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+1 para Pedro...
Saludos ;-)

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Jaume, los votos son a partir del lunes 24.
Jaume, voting starts on monday 24th.

+ Info:

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Hi Pedro,

In 50 words or less, what will you bring to the board of the Drupal Association?

- Donna

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My opinion is that the greatness of Drupal comes from the individuals put together, I've worked on this for the four last years, successfully helping to build a stronger community in Spain. I'll devote myself in working very close with local groups to provide them with enough tools to grow their communities both internally and getting new people to them.

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Thanks Pedro :)

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We are lucky to have Pedro running as a candidate for DA. I was helping organization of 2012 Drupal Developer Days in Barcelona alongside Pedro and the rest of our stuff. He was truly a dynamo, triggering us, volunteers, to find a fitting place, contribute, feel useful and now be proud. Particularly in light of Sao Paolo 2012 DrupalCon cancellation, Pedro, what is the importance for local Drupal community development, having such events actually taking place?!

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I think it's been proven that community powered events enhance in a enormous way the links among the people, as I see it, no matter they are local meetings, camps or training days, those events make people stay more in touch and do bigger things, both for the community and also in our environment for their professional careers.

I've seen the amount of energy and motivation that a drupalcamp brings, and all these local groups most probably need some help from the DA in a number of ways, from knowledge and expertise to financial support, legal, contacts... My goal is to facilitate this communication and make it bidirectional so people can count with the DA as an agent for helping them building stronger Drupal communities.