Community Board Member elections are just around the corner, have you submitted your nomination yet? Submit today! Nominations close September 16th. We encourage members from all over the world to participate and bring balance of not only geography, but experiences. 

Just over two years ago the Drupal Association began a major transformation to better meet the needs of the growing Drupal community. A lot of changes took place including the creation of a 501c3, a new governance structure, new committees, and, a very important step, the hiring of staff. This transformation set the Drupal Association on a path to be able to support the community in ways that were previously impossible. It also set the Association on a trajectory that would have it manage significant portions of community built and community controlled assets including, DrupalCon, and the Git repositories that contains hundreds of thousands lines of your code.

This last piece is important. The community built, DrupalCon, and many other assets. The Association is here to support that work. But we can only do it with your help!

During the transformation of the Association the importance of the community was not only recognized but built into the fabric of the Association. We have strived to build an open, transparent organization with the community at its center. Community-nominated and elected at-large Board Members provide a method for the community to give feedback and set the direction of the Association. Our first-ever community elections in January, 2012 brought two key at-large Board Members,  Steve Purkiss (stevepurkiss) of the United Kingdom, and Donna Benjamin (KatteKrab) of Australia, who have been very integral piece of the Association's structure over this past year. 

While the nomination committee seeks board members that help build the Association's network, strengthen its fundraising ability, and bring in vital experience and skills, the community is asked to step in with strategic direction and new and fresh ideas through the nomination and election of at-large community representatives. All board members sit at the table as equal partners and work together as a team to advance the Association to the next level. 

Curious what it means to be a board member? Take a moment to read the Board Member Agreement or get in touch with one of the existing board members.

Submit your nomination today! Nominations close September 16th.