Today at OSUOSL's offices in Portland, Oregon a sprint kicked off to upgrade to Drupal 7. This sprint is a major step forward, moving the infrastructure that we all use onto the latest version of our software. We are also laying the foundation for additional upgrades on so we can continue to make it an amazing place to collaborate. This is step one in a major plan for

How did this come together?

Earlier this year we put forth two initiatives:
Improve Collaboration tools on and make it rock for developers
Make awesome for site builders (module reviews, docs, etc.)

After doing a community-wide survey, we realized that one of the first things we needed to do was upgrade to Drupal 7 and clean up a list of legacy modules and customizations that piled up over several years. Now that the Association has grown and reached a more mature state we dove in head first. With the help of community members, we organized and kicked off this sprint to tackle these improvements. 

Angela Byron (webchick) and Melissa Anderson (eliza411) spearheaded an initiative to pull together a sprint team that spanned customizations, infrastructure, project module, Git, and the Bluecheese theme on

Who is involved? is a complex website that serves millions of people every month and has many different components. To help pull it all together Angie 'webchick' Byron compiled a team of 23 awesome developers from across the community.

  1. Drupal Customizations team: Neil 'drumm' Drumm (team lead), Angie 'webchick' Byron, Dylan Tack
  2. Infrastructure team: Narayan 'nnewton' Newton (team lead), Lance Albertson, Rudy Grigar, David Strauss, William O'Connor (solr lead)
  3. Project*: Derek 'dww' Wright (team lead), Chad Phillips, Michael Prasuhn, Brandon Bergren, Jonathan Hedstrom, Karoly Negyesi, Diana Dupuis
  4. Git*: Sam 'sdboyer' Boyer (team lead), Marco Villegas, Michael Halstead, Howard Tyson, Melissa Anderson
  5. Bluecheese Theme team: Joel 'banghouse' Moore (team lead), Chris Ruppel, Lewis Nyman

Joel Farris (Senpai) is keeping everyone together as the project manager for this project.

You! Get involved and help the team get to Drupal 7 so we can make it awesome for all. Join in via IRC at #drupal-infrastructure. 

When do we expect to go live on drupal 7?

It's ready when it's ready. The team is pushing to launch before DrupalCon Munich.

A Million Thanks!

This sprint would not be possible without the generous support and donations of many, many folks including yourself. We are thankful for the time and energy of everyone that has come out for this sprint as well as those participating online. We would also like to thank the following organizations for generous donations of employee time and expenses:




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Great job everyone! I know working to improve is a thankless task (especially core/theme upgrades) but it really will pave the way for making the site awesome.

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