One of the Drupal Association goals for 2012 is to enhance and make it a better place for developers, site builders, and contributors to the Drupal project. Working out of the Drupal Association's office in Portland, Oregon Tyler Ward is helping us to achieve that goal. Under the guidance of Neil Drumm  Tyler is an intern focused on building out new functionality on so that we can make it an amazing place for the community to collaborate.

Tyler is still relatively new to Drupal but already has several websites under his belt. Now he is getting a crash course in Drupal development while also helping out the Drupal Community - an awesome win, win.

Please help me welcome Tyler to the Drupal Community and the Drupal Association. When you see him working in the issue queue take a moment to say hi and give him the lay of the land.

Curious what we're working on and how we prioritize work on Come join the planning process we're working towards an amazing


Interested in learning Drupal as an intern with the Drupal Association? Contact us.


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The link for "the planning process" was incorrect, remember to include http:// or maybe Drupal 8 needs a wysiwyg ;)

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whoops, yup I did forget the http://. Thank you for pointing it out. Now let's get Drupal 8 up-to-date!

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Thanks 4 that sean

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It will be great if tyler takes a moment to share with us some of his experiences as the first drupal intern.

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Glad to meet you, Tyler! Welcome to the team! We super look forward to seeing awesome contributions from you. :)