As the Planeteers say: Let our powers combine!

aaahh.. bringing back some gold ole saturday morning cartoons into the mix.

Do you organize meetings, camps, or sprints?

Come join myself and rocking community organizer Doug Vann for the Drupal Community Leader meetup at DrupalCon Denver. In this two hour meeting and roundtable discussion we'll bring together our organizing powers to spread the power of the Drupal community throughout the world.

What can you expect?

Connect with other community organizers to exchange ideas, join forces, and collaborate on growing your community. Discussion will include how to collaborate with other organizers and how the Drupal Association can be used as a force to further camps, meetups, introduce Drupal Days and collaborate together to enhance the toolset available to community organizers and leaders. 

When and Where?

5:30pm Tuesday at DrupalCon Denver (after the last session of the day but before the party)
Drupal Association Room at DrupalCon Denver



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There's 163 group organizers get notifications from which seems like a great place to post this, yeah?

I'll try to attend to represent g.d.o and listen to what features folks want to get.

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Link so you can add it to your personal DrupalCon schedule

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The DrupalCon Denver site has this starting at 5pm, not 5:30pm...


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I'd like to give a brief report to the Central NJ meetup.