Which city would you like to see host the 2013 European DrupalCon? The Drupal Association worked with a European Selection Committee led by Advisory Board Member, Kristof Van Tomme. They selected ten potential locales for the European DrupalCon in 2013 based on a set of predetermined criteria. And now it’s your turn to vote!  

Please take this short survey so we can gauge interest from the Drupal community on the initially selected locations. We traditionally hold our European DrupalCons in late summer, around August. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, and community members are welcome to suggest alternative options -- it’s okay to write in your city of choice. We are open to any ideas you may have.

This poll takes just a few minutes to complete, and we will accept responses through 01 March, 2012 in all time zones (deadline is 11:59pm UTC -10 hours).

Please be sure and sign up for the Drupal Association mailing list or follow @DrupalCon on Twitter  to keep informed of the results as well as updates on Drupal Association news and DrupalCons.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to become involved. We thank you for your participation!

Take the DrupalCon Europe 2013 Host City Location Survey.