Global Training Days, May 2015 wrap-up

This quarter saw a phenomenal turn out for the Drupal Association’s May Global Training Days! 25 training companies from 15 countries participated in hosting Introduction to Drupal sessions. A huge thank you to our community organizers and trainers, you are helping grow Drupal adoption globally! 

To see all the action, pictures, and new Drupalers from the May training, check out twitter #DrupalGTD!

What’s new on - May 2015

As a part of our effort to recognize individual contributions to the Drupal ecosystem we’ve slightly adjusted the options available to a user when making an attribution in the issue queues. Instead of simply assuming that a comment made without an attribution to an organization or customer is done by a volunteer - we now allow volunteers to explicitly mark their work as such. Requiring a positive affirmation of the volunteer attribution should improve the accuracy of the data we are gathering about the Drupal ecosystem.

My week at DrupalCon, part 1

The sky is truly the limit for getting value from attending a DrupalCon. There are so many ways to involve yourself, be a part of different opportunities to give back, and meet many people from all over the world and of all walks of life.  At DrupalCon Los Angeles, we saw so many of our wonderful community members coming together to share their experiences and learn from each other -- and one of the places where this happened most was at our Monday summits.

What have Chinese Drupalers been doing in 2015?

On March14th 2015, the Chinese Drupal Community gathered in Shanghai for DrupalCampChina 2015. With two keynotes, three one-hour presentations, nine thirty-minute sessions and a great after party, it was a busy day of learning and sharing ideas.

DrupalCampChina Group Shot

Please help us welcome Mark and Gener

The Drupal Association is thrilled to announce the start of two new employees. Many of you may have met Mark and Gener at DrupalCon Los Angeles, but for those of you who were unable to make it, or who didn’t run into them, here’s the info about our newest additions to the team.

Mark Brandstetter headshotMark Brandstetter, Account Manager for Technology and Hosting, Revenue Team

DrupalCon New Orleans and Louisiana’s Religious Freedom Bill

Earlier this year, we chose New Orleans as the site for DrupalCon North America 2016. Yesterday, the Louisiana Legislature voted against a bill that would allow businesses to refuse, in accordance with religious beliefs, to provide goods and services on the basis of a patron’s sexuality.

What's new on - April 2015

The community user role which we introduced in March will now be automatically granted to users who reach a certain level of participation on While the exact activities that can grant this role will not be explicitly published (as we do with other spam prevention measures) the activities are representative of those an engaged community member would take while participating on

2015 At-Large Election Data Released

It was just a few weeks ago that we welcomed Addison Berry as our new At-Large board director after a very eventful elections process. Almost as soon as we announced the news, we heard feedback via Twitter and the announcement blog post comments that there was strong interest in seeing the voting data.

They’re back! Personalized membership certificates are here.

We all like to show our love for Drupal, and over the past few years, we’ve let Drupal show it loves you! Due to popular demand, we are bringing back a fun gift to Drupal Association members -- personalized certificates of membership. In 2014, we delivered these downloadable certificates to over 600 members and we hope to break this record during the months of May and June this year.

Join as a member or renew your current membership anytime before June 30 and you’ll receive a personalized certificate of membership.


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