Announcing Our New Hosting Supporter Program

Our members, partners and supporters are the lifeblood of the Drupal Association and everything we do to help foster the Drupal project. Today, we’re making it even easier for organizations to support the Drupal Association and get great benefits in return.

We’re thrilled to announce our new Hosting Supporters Program, which has been specifically designed for Drupal hosting providers who publish great Drupal sites. We frequently hear from hosting providers who want to give back and invest in the project because a rising tide lifts all boats. Since all three of our Supporter programs fund improvements, the Hosting Supporter program is a great new option to do just that. User Research: stakeholder workshop outcomes

At DrupalCon Austin 2014, we officially kicked off the reimagination of with a full-day workshop with Drupal Association staff, Working Groups, select board members and advisors, facilitated by our user experience coach Whitney Hess. In the morning, we did the serious business of defining our objectives, target audiences, metrics for success (KPIs), partners and competitors, and then in the afternoon broke out into teams to brainstorm provisional personas, use case scenarios, and a blue-sky set of features. These are the hypotheses that we will now test in our user research.

Here are a few outcomes of the day...

2015 DrupalCon Design Partners Have Been Selected

As you may have seen, we recently sent out a call for designers.  We utilized the process we created last year, but with one twist: this year, instead of hiring one designer to produce both of the 2015 Cons, we are hiring two designers to produce Cons for two years!

Our awesome design partner this year, CTI Digital, has been put through their paces producing all the design for both 2014 DrupalCons in Austin and Amsterdam.  While they have done a stellar job, we know this process has proved taxing on their resources, since there was so much cross-over between the deliverables for both cons.  Sorry, CTI!

About Today's Board Resignation

Today Morten Birch Heide-Jørgensen stepped down from his role on the Drupal Association's Board of Directors. The Drupal Association's Board of Directors supports Morten’s decision. The Drupal Association and the Drupal community value inclusivity and diversity, and our leadership must demonstrate those values as well.

Drupal Association Adds Two New Board Members

May 2014 – PORTLAND – The Drupal Association, the nonprofit that helps the Drupal open source project flourish, announced that two new members are joining the organization’s board of directors. The new members are Mike Lamb of Pfizer and Rob Gill of NBCUniversal. They are the first members of the Drupal Association board to bring the perspective of large end users of Drupal.

Four “So What” Research Findings about the Drupal Community

This is the second in a four part series discussing the results of a survey of the Drupal community. Find the first part of the series here

2013 Audited Financials for the Drupal Association

The phrase "audited financial statements" does not usually bring joy to the hearts of children or wake slumbering people from naps. However, if you're me, audited financials are pretty darn exciting. Firstly, I love them because they give us a baseline to measure against year afer year, and I love metrics.

The Business Side of Drupal: A Research Journey

chartJonathan Sims is Assistant Professor of Strategy at Babson College. A 2013 PhD graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, he wrote his dissertation on entrepreneurship within Drupal. team week notes #26

Upcoming deployments: improvements to comments

You may have noticed that user profiles now let you upload your picture. These will be shown with comments. You can see a preview on the staging site, the HTTP user/password is drupal/drupal: in the issue queue (example) and forum (example). You can log in with your username and password to test more.

There are more improvements to come in the next few weeks. This is the first round of implementation for a design process led by Mark Carver and Bojhan Somers. Read more about the design changes and future work in the issue queue.

Next Drupal Association Board Meeting: Live and in-person at DrupalCon Austin

Twice a year we get the opportunity to hold our monhtly Drupal Association board meetings live and in-person! We are more than excited to get to Austin to greet old friends and meet many new ones. While we're (mostly) all there, we hope you'll join us for the June board meeting. We'll be in room 10B on the third floor of the Austin convention center at 11:45 am.


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