Drupal.org hardware upgrades

As part of our ongoing efforts to support the Drupal.org infrastructure, the Drupal Association has further bulked up our hardware resources with 10 GB of RAM and a new master database server. These improvements will help us deal with the exponential growth curve the Drupal community has been experiencing, and help us prepare for the anticipated growth due to Drupal 6.

Read more at the announcement on Drupal.org.

700 EUR donation from Video2brain

Hagen Graf recently donated 700 EUR to the Drupal Association. This money comes from a German Drupal 5 training video that he made together with Video2brain. For every copy they sold, 1.25 EUR was set aside for the Drupal Association.

How can the Drupal Association help local Drupal user groups?

There's a discussion on drupal.org at the moment at http://drupal.org/node/160239 where we're collecting feedback about local Drupal user groups, what works, what doesn't work, and so on. Part of this discussion also revolves around how the Drupal Association can help facilitate local user groups and organizing local events. Please contribute to the discussion and let us know how we can help!

Drupal.org advertising proposals requested

In 2006, Drupal.org traffic increased 250%. In order to prepare for future growth of Drupal.org and the needs of the Drupal community the Drupal Association is looking into starting a paid advertising program. We believe that paid advertising that is relevant to the needs of Drupal administrators, Drupal users, and the Drupal community can be placed in relevant sections of Drupal.org and help the Drupal community greatly by funding improvements and infrastructure for Drupal.org websites.

Knight Foundation awards over $200,000 to Drupal-related projects

Today the Knight Foundation awarded $12 million in grants to various individuals and organizations to help journalism continue moving into a digital future. We're pleased to announce a couple of Drupal connections associated with this excellent initiative.

Drupalcon Barcelona Official Dates in September 2007

It's official, we'll drupalize Barcelona! This years European location for DrupalCon will be held in one of the most beautiful cities. So write down these dates:
September, 19th-22nd, 2007.

Results of Performance and Scalability Seminary fundraiser

The Drupal Association has received a $5,800 donation from Drupal consulting company Lullabot. This donation comes from the profits of the Performance and Scalability seminar that was held as a fundraiser on March 24, 2007, following the Open Source CMS Summit at Yahoo! campus. Read on for more details...

2007-02-26: The Drupal Association - The Drupal Project's New Non-Profit

The Drupal Association announces the creation of a non-profit corporation to support and further advance the industry-leading Open Source CMS. The Drupal project powers hundreds of thousands of web sites -- including political sites for Hillary Clinton and Redstate.com, social networking community sites like MTV UK and Sony Musicbox, citizen journalism sites such as NowPublic, and sites for government agencies including NASA, NATO, and the World Bank -- and is developed by thousands of contributors from around the world.

Announcing: The Drupal Association

On January 15, 2001, Dries Buytaert started a new hobby - he created the content management system that became known as Drupal. Six years of phenomenal growth have followed. The Drupal project has evolved from a part-time interest for a handful of students to one of the most thriving and productive open source software projects in the world.


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