We Want Your Feedback

FeedbackAt the Drupal Association, we’re focused on making Drupal better for everyone. You may have heard that we are working to make the Drupal.org experience better for all of our visitors, but we’re not going to stop there. We also want to make DrupalCon a more valuable and inclusive experience for everyone.

Better than FTP

As things stand today, Drupal.org's mirror network is an essential part of the Drupal.org infrastructure. The ftp.drupal.org infrastructure hosts millions of files, serving everything from Drupal Core to contributed modules and themes, but it's beginning to show its age.

Don't Miss the Blink Reaction Membership Discount

At the Drupal Association, we love our members and want to show it. That’s why we team up with some of the best Drupal companies around every month to offer our members spectacular discounts.

Happy Global Training Day!

It's Global Training Day and we couldn't be more excited! All across the world, people are teaching and learning Drupal, and sharing that open source love.

Global Training Days happen once a quarter, and focus on one of two curriculums:

Just back from DrupalCon Amsterdam: USB Membership Cards

membership card in wallet and usb openedDream about carrying Drupal in your back pocket, purse, bag, or more? No problem.

Wanna show your geekiness off? Check.

Ready to flaunt your Drupal street cred? Got your back.

Need a thank-you gift for another Drupaler? Well we have just the thing!

How to Read the Association Financial Statements

I've had a couple of questions related to Association finances lately in various communications channels. I know that most of you are not finance professionals for a living, so rather than answering in several different silos, I thought I might write up this post about how the Association financials are structured and how you can read them. You know, for when you need a break from your other Drupal work!

The Drupal Association Continues to Grow

We’ve been very busy at the Drupal Association. Between holding the largest European DrupalCon yet, launching Drupal Jobs, making improvements to Drupal.org, and much more, you wouldn’t think we’d have much time to get up to other mischief. But we’ve been busy networking, interviewing, and hiring, and now we’re thrilled to announce that six new employees have come on board (or are about to come on board!) in the past few months. These new hires will help us fulfill our mission to unite a global open source community to build and promote Drupal. 

Thank You, Drupal Association Supporting Partners

Supporting Partner badgeAt the Drupal Association, we believe it’s good to pause and be grateful from time to time. So, today, we’d like to express gratitude for our unbelievably fantastic Supporting Partners.

Doei Doei, DrupalCon Amsterdam

Closing session slides in AmsterdamDrupalCon Amsterdam has wrapped up, and now that we’re over the jet lag, it’s time to look back on one of the most successful DrupalCons to date. DrupalCon Amsterdam was the largest European DrupalCon yet, by far. Just to knock your socks off, here are some numbers:

Drupal.org Content Strategy: Announcing a Request for Proposals!

Earlier this year the Drupal Association began work on an initiative to launch a redesigned and improved Drupal.org in 2015. The first step of the plan was the Drupal.org user research, which was recently finished. Today we’d like to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the content strategy for Drupal.org, next step of our redesign project.


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