Drupal Association Board Retreat: 21 & 22 September

At the Drupal Association, now is the time when we are finalizing our plans and budgets for the following year, so the focus of our pre-DrupalCon Prague board retreat was how to set ourselves up to help our community succeed in 2014. On the table were a few things that we wanted to share and get your feeback about. 

The Drupal Association Gets a New Address - In Europe


One of the most impressive things about the Drupal community is just how diverse it is. Wherever you go in the globe, you’re likely to find a group of folks at a coffee shop proudly sporting one of their many Drupal T-shirts. It’s the job of the Drupal Association to support this diverse community - no matter what you do with Drupal, or where you are in the world when you do it.

JetBrains Becomes Drupal Association Technology Partner, Offers Free PhpStorm Licenses for Contributors

PhpStorm logoWe are happy to announce today that JetBrains is supporting the Drupal Association and the Community in two new ways:                     

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday 25 September

Please join us! The next Drupal Association public board meeting will take place on 25 September - at DrupalCon Prague! Our agenda will include a review of the staff report, a report from the Software Working Group about their 2014 plans, and the election results from the 2013 At-Large Board elections.

Membership Matters: Announcing Our New Member Drive

Membershp Matters imageToday we’re kicking off a six week-long membership drive that we’re calling “Membership Matters.” We’ve named it such because we want to highlight the real human impact Drupal has around the world, and how the Drupal Association works hard to amplify that impact.

Drupal.org related activities in Prague

DrupalCon Prague is less than a week away! Here is a summary of Drupal.org-related activities waiting for you at the Con.

Drupal.org Working Groups

Almost all Working Group members will be present in Prague and the week will be pretty intense for them. There will be 3 public sessions, one for each Working Group. We call them "community conversations", the format is similar to core conversations, only we will be talking about Drupal.org.

Tuesday, September 24. 10:45am

Drupal Association At-Large Board Elections This Week

Voting is now open for the 2013 At-Large Board positions for the Drupal Association!  If you haven't yet, check out the candidate profiles and review the Meet the Candidate sessions (first and second) that we held.

Meet the Candidates Update: Session Two Transcript

We had our second Meet the Candidates session on Thursday and got to speak to six more of our 13 candidates. Fortunately, this time, I was able to properly set up the recording, so you can listen to the entire session here, or check out the transcript below.

Drupal.org Working Groups: August updates

August was a busy month for the Drupal.org Working Groups. Here are some of the things we've been up to.

Content Working Group

The Drupal.org Content Working Group is moving ahead with a project to develop several audience-specific landing pages for Drupal.org. The overall project plan is published in Drupal.org improvements group, as well as the details on the first step of the project - research. The work is organized via Drupal.org content project queue. Interested to help? Take a look at these individual tasks and jump in!

Meet the Candidates Update: Session One Transcript

We had our first Meet the Candidates session yesterday and spoke with four of our thirteen candidates. Normally, I would link to the audio recording of that call, but due to user error <hangs head in shame> the audio is gone. However, thanks to the amazing kattekrab, we do have a pretty remarkable transcript from the session.


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