Announcing newest Software Working Group members

Last summer, we created three working groups: one for content, one for software, and one for infrastructure. Since then, Working Group members have put countless hours of time and energy into making the best it can be! Now that we’re winding to the end of our first year with the working groups, we’d like to announce small changes in membership. We have two new members joining the Software Working Group!

"Danke" from Frankfurt

DrupalCamp Frankfurt LogoThis post was written by Manuela Meier, a member of the organizational team of DrupalCamp Frankfurt 2014, and Senior Manager Software Development at Cocomore AG/Frankfurt.


Whitney Hess to lead user research

Several weeks ago, we issued an RFQ for User Research as part of our revamp. We received a big number of exciting submissions, and the Drupal Association staff and Content Working Group members had a wonderful time reviewing responses and interviewing potential vendors.

Now, after several weeks of reading and careful debate, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve selected a vendor for our user research: Whitney Hess!

Helping as Customer Service Coordinator

Hi Drupal community, I’m Lizz Trudeau. Some of you already know me-- I have worked with many of you to answer questions about Association Membership in recent years. I am excited to tell you about my new role in the Drupal Association as the Customer Service Coordinator. is staffing up

The Drupal Association Board of Directors has committed to significantly improving in 2014. As a result, we are staffing up, working with contractors, and improving volunteer engagement paths so that we can really accelerate change on the site this year and keep the momentum going into next year.

What’s next for

The primary imperative outlined in our 2014 Leadership Plan and Budget is to make shine. Here are the things I am going to be focused on most immediately to that end:

Hello, Drupal Community!

My name is Rachel Friesen and I’m the newest member of the Drupal Association. I’ve been hired on to a Sponsor Fulfillment position, which means I will be working closely with those of you who help the Association through sponsorships and business partnerships. team week notes #24 improvements

One of the noticeable events of the past few weeks was, of course, the Heartbleed security incident, so the team was busy responding to it.

Apart from that we also got a few things fixed:

DrupalCon Latin America Designer Chosen

ColombiaWe are excited to announce that the Drupal Association, along with key community volunteers, has selected a designer for DrupalCon Latin America!

Continuous Integration Efforts Get Easier with Drupal 8

At MidCamp (Midwest Drupal camp), I found out a really fascinating thing about Drupal 8: Support for PHPUnit is going to be part of the base distribution. This means a great deal to Solutions Architects and Developers at Promet because we have been striving to integrate automated tests into our build. Perhaps you remember from my talks or previous posts, number four of my 10 Principles of Continuous Integration is "Self-Testing Build". This makes Drupal a much more sought-after platform for shops looking to fully embrace Continuous Integration.

Drupal Association Board Meeting Summary: 16 April, 2014

Preparing the materials for the monthly board meeting is a lot of work, but it's a great chance to reflect each month on the momentum of the Association and the community.


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