Drupal Association Board Meeting: January 15, 2014

Last week we held our first board meeting of the new year. We were really pleased to share a new staff report format featuring the KPIs and other metrics that we will be tracking in 2014 to document the impact of our work. Because board meetings are held in the middle of the month, our method going forward will be to report numbers against the plan for the month prior.

Drupal Dev Days shapes up to be an amazing event in 2014

Szeged logoWhile the Drupal Association’s regular events are DrupalCons in Europe and North America, the community is always busy organizing all kinds of events around the world. The community has a long standing tradition to augment DrupalCon with the Frontend United and Drupal Dev Days traveling conferences in Europe which have more focused target groups.

Tech Team plan for the first quarter of 2014

There is never a shortage of things to do on Drupal.org and that’s never been more true than right now. We have D7 upgrade clean up to finish, as well as variety of improvements that were on hold during the upgrade. We want you to know what our tech team is focused on and where we’re spending our time, so here are some of the pieces in our first quarter roadmap.

Request for Proposal: Drupal Job Board

Job board imageIn 2014, The Drupal Association will launch new programs that serve the community and generate revenue to make Drupal.org a worthy home for the project. You can learn more about this focus in our February 2013 blog and our December 2013 blog about funding Drupal.org improvements.

Welcome Rudy Grigar!

I am very pleased to introduce you to the newest member of the Drupal Association staff: Rudy Grigar (basic). Rudy’s first day at the Association is today, but it’s certainly not the start of his Drupal or Drupal.org experience. As our DevOps Engineer, Rudy will be in charge of ensuring that Drupal.org infrastructure is optimized for security and performance.

Putting Drupal on a Larger Stage in Germany and Beyond

CMS Garden logo

Authored by Meike Jung and Stephan Luckow.

How can Drupal compete with the large budgets of proprietary software sales teams? It’s not just a question for Drupal. Other open source projects that largely depend on the work of volunteers have similar challenges. That’s why we decided it was worth a try to cooperate with other communities struggling with similar issues.

Join the First Association Board Meeting of 2014

Join us on January 15 at Noon Pacific for our first board meeting of 2014. This meeting will be the first to use the metrics we developed in our 2014 Leadership Plan to tell the story of our progress. For 2014, each staff update will contain metrics through the prior month. For example, in February, we will be able to report the number of comments in issues on Drupal.org as of 31 January, 2014.

Dates for 2014 Global Training Days

Great news! The official dates for 2014 Global Training Days have been selected:Global Training Days logo

Friday, February 28 (or Saturday, March 1)
Friday, May 30 (or Saturday, May 31)
Friday, August 29 (or Saturday, August 30)
Friday, November 14 (or Saturday, November 15)

Drupal is Turning 13 – Join the Party!

Birthday CakeCongratulations Drupal community. You are now raising a teenager!

On this January 15th, it will be 13 years to the day that Drupal 1.0.0 was released. 

Drupal Association Supporting Partner Funding at Work

As you have likely heard, the Drupal.org Tech Team recently completed the upgrade of Drupal.org to Drupal 7. While there are still some upgrade issues being resolved, Drupal.org now runs the latest version of Drupal, improving the code under the hood and allowing for greater flexibility.


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