Drupal Association Board Meeting Summary: 14 May 2014

If there is any steady measure of the passage of time it may just be the monthly Drupal Association Board Meetings. Another month is behind us, meaning that we 30ish days closer to DrupalCon Austin and all the other work we have planned for the year.

Please Welcome Mike Lamb & Rob Gill to the Drupal Association Board of Directors

I’m excited to announce that the Drupal Association Board of Directors has filled two open seats on the Board. Please welcome Mike Lamb of Pfizer and Rob Gill of NBC Universal. Mike and Rob fill board-appointed seats rather than the At-Large seats that are filled via community vote (by the way, stay tuned for communications about the next community vote for 2015 At-Large seats).

We couldn’t be more thrilled about Mike and Rob joining the board. Because they both have extensive experience as end-users of Drupal, we believe they will provide valuable input from a perspective that currently isn’t fully realized on the board.

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Global Accessibility Awareness Day logoToday is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, and people and companies from all around the globe are participating. I had the privilege of giving a speech this morning on how Drupal is one of the best content management systems for accessibility. It’s always inspiring to see the Drupal community’s commitment to accessibility.

A limited time offer for Drupal Association Members

When we ask our members the biggest reason they join the Drupal Association, we've heard over and over again that our members do so because they want to support Drupal and the community.

Add the Drupal Project to your professional experience on LinkedIn

For many in the Drupal community, working on the Project can become like a full-time job. Maintaining modules, patching bugs, organizing camps and responding to issues in the issue queue can be a lot of work, and now, you can get professional recognition on LinkedIn for your efforts.

Drupal.org team week notes #25: exciting 2 years

Today is a special edition of week notes. Exactly 2 years ago I published the first post. A lot has happened since then, but we are still happy to share our news and updates every couple of weeks. Here is for the next 2 years!

So... what happened in the past few weeks?

Join Us for the Next Drupal Association Board Meeting

Things continue to move really quickly at the Association. With DrupalCon Austin less than a month away, we're also moving forward on DrupalCon Amsterdam, DrupalCon Latin America, and lots of non-DrupalCon projects as well. Join us at this meeting to get more background on the lastest happenings at the Association.

Announcing newest Drupal.org Software Working Group members

Last summer, we created three Drupal.org working groups: one for content, one for software, and one for infrastructure. Since then, Working Group members have put countless hours of time and energy into making Drupal.org the best it can be! Now that we’re winding to the end of our first year with the working groups, we’d like to announce small changes in membership. We have two new members joining the Drupal.org Software Working Group!

"Danke" from Frankfurt

DrupalCamp Frankfurt LogoThis post was written by Manuela Meier, a member of the organizational team of DrupalCamp Frankfurt 2014, and Senior Manager Software Development at Cocomore AG/Frankfurt.



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