2014 Leadership Plan and Budget - Community Call Recording

About a week and half ago, we announced that the Association board approved our 2014 Leadership Plan and Budget. On Monday 2, December, we hosted a community all to discuss the details and share a little more in-depth our thinking and reasoning in the plan. I really want to thank the community members who came out and spent an hour reviewing the details with me! If you were unable to make it, that's ok! We recorded the session for you.

Check out the recording below, and please peruse the relevant documents

Businesses: Is the Drupal Association in Your 2014 Budget?

BudgetIt’s that time of year when companies are looking ahead to next year and budgets are being negotiated and finalized. With that in mind, we want to communicate the full menu of options for businesses interested in giving back to the Drupal project, and engaging with the community to share ideas and identify potential partners, customers and talent. 

Making the Drupal.org Theme BlueCheese More Open

As we move into 2014, the Association staff and the Drupal.org Working Groups are focused on increasing the velocity of improvements we can make on Drupal.org. One important part of this process is creating local Drupal.org Development Environments.

Give the Gift of Drupal Association Membership

GiftIf there is one defining attribute of the Drupal community, it is the desire to give. There are countless examples of community members giving time, resources and expertise to help others both inside and outside the community.

Drupal Association Board Meeting: 2014 Leadership Plan and Budget Approved

In lieu of our normal Association Board meeting wrap up post, we're going to focus this month on the most consequential outcome of the November 13 meeting - the board approval of the 2014 Leadership Plan and Budget. 

Help Wanted: Community Coordinator

CommunityAs you may have read, the Drupal Association is making several more hires over the coming months. And, this time we are hiring the Community Coordinator who has a singular focus - foster and support the community to help it thrive and do great things.

Drupal.org downtime: survival stories

It’s been almost two weeks since the D7 upgrade deployment day. During all of that time we were heads down fixing follow up issues and working on stabilizing performance. Now is a good time to make a quick pause, and look back at how we actually survived the downtime!

More ways to Support Drupal.org

DonateWe are looking to launch a new fundraising program on Drupal.org in the next month and are looking for your feedback before we get started.

DrupalPicchu 2014: Celebrating the Freedom and Cultural Diversity of the Drupal Community

Drupal Picchu

Drupal has been growing rapidly in all corners of the world. The benefits of this global growth are:

DrupalCon Twitter: Divide and Conquer

Twitter logoWitnessing the overwhelming buzz around DrupalCons in Prague and Portland, few would question the benefits of social media for DrupalCon and the wider Drupal project. Combining YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr and using session recordings and community content, we are able to project the essence of DrupalCon far beyond the four walls of the conference centre.


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