Drupal.org team week notes #21

Drupal.org improvements

During the past two weeks we deployed a few Bluecheese issues (#2191021, #2194421, #1195950), accessibility issues (#2095969), Project issues (#2195621, #2184161, #2125307, #2193857, #2159429. Thanks to LewisNyman, mgifford, cafuego, tim.plunkett, trobey and Mark Carver for working on them.

Great to meet you, Drupal Community!

Leigh CarverMy name is Leigh Carver (leighc), and I’m the new Content Writer for the Drupal Association. It’s going to be my job to help make sure our communications are consistent, interesting and valuable, and to help populate Drupal.org and our social media channels with informative content that helps Drupalers at every point in their Drupal journey.

Discovery process for supporting Drupal core semantic versioning

Per recent decision in the core issue queue, Drupal core will use a semantic versioning system (3-digit version numbers, e.g. 8.0.1, 8.2.0, etc.) starting with Drupal 8. This means that significant parts of the Drupal.org infrastructure will need to be adjusted to support the new versioning system.

Unplanned Drupal.org Downtime Earlier Today (Thu Feb 13 14:59-15:21 UTC 2014)

The Drupal.org primary database server experienced a crash due to a full disk earlier today around 6:59am PST (14:59 UTC).

Drupal.org team week notes #20

Drupal.org improvements

Last week we deployed a major improvement for issue page workflow: https://drupal.org/node/2159813. The issue edit form is back on the issue page, instead of the standard comment form. Huge thanks to webchick, Mark Carver, sanchiz, Bojhan, joachim and everyone else who worked on the issue.

DrupalCon Austin Lead Retrieval: What’s it all about?

DrupalCon Austin LogoAs we mentioned in a previous blog post, we are happy to be offering lead retrieval capability to our DrupalCon exhibitors, who have been asking for it for some time. We know that lead retrieval has been used before at DrupalCon and it raised some concerns among attendees.

Join us for the 12 February Association Board Meeting

This Wednesday, 12 February 2013 at Noon Pacific (-8 UTC), we'll hold our next monthly Drupal Association board meeting. As usual, we'll give an update from the staff report, which now includes our updated dashboard numbers. We'll also tackle the an adjustement to the Association's mission statement, and here about our (fingers crossed) imminent CTO hire.

Global Training Days Coming Up

Drupal Global Training Days are quickly approaching and we do not want you to miss out on the February date.  Global Training Days is an initiative by the Drupal Association to introduce new and beginning users to Drupal.  The Drupal Association is partnering with training companies to make this happen.

Volunteer or Contractor? Help the Association Answer This Question


The single biggest reason that the Drupal Association is such a great place to work is the Drupal community. You all dedicated your blood, sweat, and tears to make Drupal amazing, and that includes work on Drupal.org, our community’s home. As the organization charged with maintaining Drupal.org, we’ve relied on a pastiche of volunteer support, contractors (at various rate scales), and staff.

Drupal.org team week notes #19

Recently we published our Tech team plan for the first quarter of 2014. To ensure that we are not only telling you about our plans, but also update on the progress as we go, we are bringing back our traditional bi-weekly ‘week notes’ posts. Welcome to the first week notes of 2014!

Drupal 7 upgrade cleanup

We managed to fix quite a few critical and major issues in the past 2 weeks. Project usage and download statistics are now fixed, text search is improving...


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