1 Million Users on Drupal.org!

If you have been on Drupal.org today, you may have noticed something interesting near the bottom of the page. At some point during the past 24 hours, the millionth user joined Drupal.org!

D.O screenshot

Drupal.org Working Groups: September updates

The most important event of September was of course DrupalCon Prague. 10 out of 12 members of the Drupal.org Working Groups were there. We finally got to meet each other and work together in person! This means that we spent huge part of the week locked in a meeting room, but.. we had a great time and got a lot done.

DrupalCon CXO: Growing Drupal Businesses

DrupalCons are designed to serve many types of community members through various tracks and special events. And, one group the event serves is the Drupal Business Owner, important because their companies provide community members with careers, they help grow Drupal adoption one client at a time, and they innovate the Project with their contributions. They also provide funding for camps and DrupalCons through their sponsorships.

Making Drupal Camps Awesome

AwesomeAre you thinking about starting a Drupal Camp in your area? Or do you want to improve a Camp you help organize?

DrupalCon Prague: It's a Wrap!

PragueDrupalCon Prague turned out to be another great DrupalCon that had many memorable moments. Before the team turns its full attention to upcoming DrupalCons in Austin and Amsterdam, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some highlights from the conference. 

DSWG: 2014 roadmap and what we've learnt from community ideation process

About a month ago the Drupal.org Software Working Group announced that we were seeking community input to help us craft a short-term Drupal.org roadmap for the beginning of 2014.

At-Large Board Elections Announced

Congratulations to Mortendk and Matthew Saunders, our newly elected Directors at Large, representing the community on the board of the Drupal Association. Please join me in thanking all the candidates who put themselves forward to stand for election.

Drupal.org Infrastructure team is looking for help

The Infrastructure team is a small group of volunteers, who manage Drupal.org servers and keep our website online. The amount of work is growing and the team is very small. With the current amount of people it is really hard to manage the Drupal.org infrastructure efficiently, and that is why growing the team is a top priority this year for the Drupal.org Infrastructure Working Group.

What exactly do we need help with?

We are looking for people who are able to help us with the following:

A Gr8 New Logo

Drupal 8 LogoAfter a process of community input and a final choice by Dries, there is an official Drupal 8 logo! Dries unveiled the design during his keynote at DrupalCon Prague earlier today.

Introducing the Drupal Association Technology Partner Program!

This year, the Drupal Association has focused on better understanding our community so we can best serve all audiences. We so appreciate all of your input through the (many) surveys, interviews, DrupalCon BoFs, and other ways you shared your thoughts and ideas with us. We now have a nice list of new ways we can support you and are putting plans in place to deliver on them.


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