We're Hiring: Drupal.org Developer

We're well on our way to starting 2014 with some amazing staff focused on improving Drupal.org for our community. In addition to Drumm, Tatiana, and Rudy Grigar, we are looking to add a developer to staff. So if you love Drupal as much as we do, and you want to help make Drupal.org a better home for the community, then we want to make you part of our growing team of folks dedicated to doing just that.

Drupal Association Board Meeting: December 11, 2013

We had our last board meeting of the year on Wednesday, 11 December 2013. Although the agenda had only three items, we covered a really broad array of topics, from working group plans for 2014 to some more metrics from DrupalCon Prague.

Drupal Day for the Next Generation in Belarus

Blog author Svetlana Ermakovich works with Drupal and is active in the community in Minsk, Belarus.

On November 15, for the first time in the Ostrovsky child's library in Minsk, the Drupal Day for schoolboys was held. The youth organization "Falanster" introduced an open-source system to visitors and trained them to work with it.

Reward Offered: We're Hiring a CTO

As we announced back in the beginning of November, the Drupal Association is looking for a CTO to work with the community to increase the velocity with which we can make changes on Drupal.org.

Celebrating International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer DayInternational Volunteer Day was established by the UN General Assembly in 1985. Over the years it has become an opportunity for organisations of all kinds to take time out to recognise the contribution of their volunteers.

On this day last year, Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations said:

2014 Leadership Plan and Budget - Community Call Recording

About a week and half ago, we announced that the Association board approved our 2014 Leadership Plan and Budget. On Monday 2, December, we hosted a community all to discuss the details and share a little more in-depth our thinking and reasoning in the plan. I really want to thank the community members who came out and spent an hour reviewing the details with me! If you were unable to make it, that's ok! We recorded the session for you.

Check out the recording below, and please peruse the relevant documents

Businesses: Is the Drupal Association in Your 2014 Budget?

BudgetIt’s that time of year when companies are looking ahead to next year and budgets are being negotiated and finalized. With that in mind, we want to communicate the full menu of options for businesses interested in giving back to the Drupal project, and engaging with the community to share ideas and identify potential partners, customers and talent. 

Making the Drupal.org Theme BlueCheese More Open

As we move into 2014, the Association staff and the Drupal.org Working Groups are focused on increasing the velocity of improvements we can make on Drupal.org. One important part of this process is creating local Drupal.org Development Environments.

Give the Gift of Drupal Association Membership

GiftIf there is one defining attribute of the Drupal community, it is the desire to give. There are countless examples of community members giving time, resources and expertise to help others both inside and outside the community.

Drupal Association Board Meeting: 2014 Leadership Plan and Budget Approved

In lieu of our normal Association Board meeting wrap up post, we're going to focus this month on the most consequential outcome of the November 13 meeting - the board approval of the 2014 Leadership Plan and Budget. 


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