We're excited to welcome Tatiana (tvn) as the Association's first Drupal.org project coordinator. Keeping inline with our objective to make Drupal.org an amazing place for developers, site builders and contributors to collaborate we have begun to make investments to support the community.

We have recognized that one of the barriers to collaboration in building the drupal.org website is a lack of coordination between the many different teams. We have all seen issues languish in the queue when one team is awaiting another. Perhaps you were waiting for a development site, an answer to an infrastructure question, or just needed someone to review and approve your work. Tatiana will live and work in the issue queues to help move things forward for drupal.org development (note this is not Drupal development but development of the site drupal.org). 

Tatiana steps into the position with a long history of working on drupal.org within the issue queues. She has been a driving force behind many initiatives helping to coordinate the activities and providing context and focus for the issue. We were impressed with the amount of time she was able to to dedicate as a volunteer. Now she'll be able to dedicate a bit more time to the issues to help see them through.

Please join me in welcoming Tatiana to the Drupal Association! Let's build something great together.

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