About Me: 

I'm working in Drupal from last 6 years. I worked in many technology like- PHP, Drupal, AngularJS, Vanilla, Mysql, HTML5, Flex, Flash, ActionScript, Android. But I enjoy while working in Drupal. I've contribute couple of modules to Drupal. I also provide support on IRC.

Board meeting attendence: 
Have you served on a board or committee?: 
If so, tell us about it.: 
What perspective will you bring to the board when discussing strategic topics?: 
Developer, Business Owner, Open Source, Regional perspective, other, combination of several
What existing board topics are you most passionate about? and why?: 
I'm interested in promotion of Drupal. I'll try to enhance popularity of Drupal among end users.
What additional strategic topics would you like to introduce?: 
Educating developers in faster way to grasp new changes introduce in Drupal new version, Performance improvements.
What unique skills would you bring to the board?: 
Promote Drupal experience globally.
How have your past contributions to Drupal prepared you for board candidacy?: 
I contribute couple of modules to drupal.org. apart from this review some project also in Drupal. But don't have experience in Drupal board committee.
Why should we vote for you?: 
I'm passionate about Drupal & interested to do challenges stuff on this technology.

Questions for the Candidate

Devaraj johnson’s picture

How  can "Promote Drupal experience globally"? IS it either by marketing or any other plans. Since India is consider to participate more in community contribution what are the steps you will consider taking it further for more contribution.



Rahul Seth’s picture

Thanks @Devraj, for looking my profile. Have some idea, plan which I want to implement in order to promote Drupal globally.