About Me: 

Drupal Engineer, Working since last 6 years in Drupal contributed module development & theme killer .



Board meeting attendence: 
Have you served on a board or committee?: 
If so, tell us about it.: 
What perspective will you bring to the board when discussing strategic topics?: 
What perspective will you bring to the board when discussing strategic topics? (e.g: Developer, Business Owner, Open Source, Regional perspective, other, combination of several)
What existing board topics are you most passionate about? and why?: 
Of the strategic topics outlined in the Board Role Definition (see help text for link), that will be discussed at the board level during your 2 year term - which are you most passionate about and why? And what is your stance on that topic?
What additional strategic topics would you like to introduce?: 
Are there additional strategic topics that you would like to promote to the board level over the next two years? (Understanding that no single individual on the board can define the agenda?)
What unique skills would you bring to the board?: 
Do you feel that there is a unique skillset or perspective you bring to your candidacy that other candidates may not be able to provide?
How have your past contributions to Drupal prepared you for board candidacy?: 
Tell us about your past contributions to the Drupal community (not just code!), and how they have prepared you for your board candidacy.
Why should we vote for you?: 
Please provide a statement answering the question "Why should we vote for you?"

Questions for the Candidate

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Hi there, can you update your profile with the answers to the questions so we can find our a bit more about you? Thanks!