About Me: 

I'm a passionate promoter of Drupal 8 & Drupal Console.

Co-founder of Anexus, a distributed Drupal Shop & weKnow, a Consultancy company located in the USA.

I'm 40, married to my lovely wife Yersika and father of two very active kids: Axel and Zoe. I enjoy long walks through the hallways of Drupal Groups and have a knack for putting together community events.
I am a Colombian by birth and a Costa Rican by choice. I have spent the last 15 years living on that narrow piece of land between the North and South hemispheres of our beautiful continent, America.

I got into Drupal 5 in early 2008 after working for many years building websites from scratch using PHP, and spending months contributing to a couple of open source PHP projects with the intention of automating how websites were built. In that time, I have worked on more than one hundreds of Drupal projects and contributed to dozens of contributed modules.

In summary, I a Drupal/Symfony guy that knows Drupal from three different points of view: as a developer, as a community leader, and as a Drupal business owner.

Board meeting attendence: 
Have you served on a board or committee?: 
If so, tell us about it.: 
As co-founder and co-administrator of Anexus [http://anexusit.com], a distributed Drupal Workshop in Latin America, I have to deal with company organization, define strategies and put together action plans. I have also served on several Drupal camp organizing committees, empowering local community members to take an active role in camp preparations and related activities like rallying for volunteers or raising funds.
What perspective will you bring to the board when discussing strategic topics?: 
What I bring to the table is a global vision - 360° insight into our global community. How? In the last year I visited 18 countries and connected personally with members of our extended worldwide community, trying to understand their reality, their strengths as well as their growth obstacles. Making a face-to-face connection is important for me and has proven invaluable in a time where virtual meetings have taken over our digital world. Parallel to that, I mentioned my involvement in Drupal as a developer, as a business owner and as a community leader. I have first-hand experience with the challenges of building a community from scratch without external support. I experienced the struggles and challenges of building up a company using a technology that was unknown in my country at the time. The key to it all was being able to nimbly swap hats and orchestrate self-learning with community training efforts to groom potential collaborators. This new talent could then become part of my company, which would allow us to take on bigger and more complex projects and in return empower the individuals to access a better pay scale. I believe all these factors will contribute to the way I think when the time to define beneficial community strategies comes.
What existing board topics are you most passionate about? and why?: 
The board topics that inspire me most are: - Growing Drupal adoption through our own channels and partner channels - Developing the strategic direction for DrupalCon and Drupal.org. - I am interested in increasing and shaping new talent engagement where required. I am particularly driven by communities in developing countries or countries where English is not the dominant language. A proper plan to approach these communities can have a real and measurable impact in those locations and would provide a substantial change to their economic and social development.
What additional strategic topics would you like to introduce?: 
Rather than creating new topics, I would prefer to focus on plans and ideas to allow the Drupal channels to become more inclusive of languages and modern tools.
What unique skills would you bring to the board?: 
Talking about technical skills, I could offer a developer perspective as module contributor and as co-maintainer of Drupal Console a tools that help a lot of people around the world to get introduced in Drupal 8 easily. In the area of soft skills, probably one of my biggest strengths I could offer is the knowledge and understanding I gained about our the needs of our Drupal communities around the world.
How have your past contributions to Drupal prepared you for board candidacy?: 
Founding the Costa Rican Drupal Association and leading the organization of Drupal meetups and Drupal camps, prepared me to understand the challenges and needs of trying to create and build sustainable Drupal ecosystems. One of my primary goals is to enable individuals and companies to come together and contribute from a place of mutual profit. The Costa Rican DrupalCamp is one of the largest in the region, with attendees hailing from places all around the world and boasts a significant attendance in Latin America with the 7th edition coming up. Additionally, the first-hand contact I was lucky to have met with members of differents communities around the world gave me the opportunity to talk to dozens of community members.I learned about their needs, both those we have in common, and others that are unique for their realities. All these experiences give me a unique perspective about what is required to grow Drupal both as a product and as a worldwide community.
Why should we vote for you?: 
In my opinion, the experience of being a founder and co-manager of a large and mostly distributed Drupal shop in Latin America combined with a world-wide vision allow me to contribute to the Drupal Association's strategic efforts towards building a stronger and better community.

Questions for the Candidate

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I review all candidate's bio and profile. Among all of available otions -enzo- is best. I support for -enzo-.(Eduardo García)

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Thank for your support Shivcharan

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I support for @enzo (Eduardo García)

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Gracias Zaheta

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Congrats for your candidacy Eduardo!

Before I vote, would you answer a question:

How is your particular vision aligned to the upcoming DA board priorities?

Thanks in advance for your answer!

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Hi Fernando


Thanks for your question.

As soon I got elected as Director at Large, the Drupal Association priorities would be my priorities, the idea of a Board is to review all current and new plans to try to foster the community according to the vision and mission of Drupal Association.

What I would do is negotiate to try to include in those plans my vision about what is what is possible to be included to improve our community regarding international inclusion and participation.

The idea of having a community representative is the warranty that the community had someone that will include the community needs and that is what I present to do.


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Thanks for your first answer! Can we go for a second round? There you have it...

The DA is working hard for two things:

  • Match Drupal (software) project needs with Drupal community demands (call it "benign populism" LoL)
  • Replace Drupalcon with other more reliable and scalable income sources

Without #1 well balanced, you get a happy software project but the DA remains as the less popular guy in the community, so guess who will support the DA.... Or instead you are pretty popular but Dries can get a reliable git server and forget about the issue queues, people will hate you anyways...

Without #2, forget about drupal.org at all, it has a pretty "expensive" operation so we can't afford Drupalcons to fail in the short-middle term.

Imagine I'm 100% right. Do you think you can help make #1 and #2 to happen soon (within your period). How?

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Thank you for your great contribution to the Latin community, we hope you continue your support.

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My vote for you... :) thanks E-n-z-o 

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Hi Enzo,

You are the strongest candidate this time. I support and vote for you.

Thanks for your work done in drupal community and Drupal console.


All the best !!!!


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Vote for you

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I vote for you

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Voted for you, best of luck.

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I vote Sir Enzo!

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I vote for you.  Thank you for your great contribution to the Latin community, we hope you continue your support. 

All the best !!!!