Track Leads

Track leads are responsible for managing their respective track team to produce a stellar track program for DrupalCon. 

The typical time commitment of a track lead is typically between 2-4 hours per week, as many as 20 hours during session selection, and roughly 5-10 hours during the week of DrupalCon.

The track lead is responsible for:

Program planning

  • participate in program lead calls (weekly)
  • lead track team meetings (bi-weekly)

Track proposal

  • define major themes
  • outline desired topics
  • list preferred speakers
  • specify target audience/s

Session curation

  • invite featured speakers
  • invite general speakers
  • work with speakers to ensure their talk/topic is on point

Session ranking

  • evaluate session proposals from the open call using our ranking system
  • create a final program proposal from session curation and ranking

Session quality

  • review speaker presentations 

Event promotion

  • promote the call for content
  • write blog posts (on your blog or as part of DrupalCon news)
  • tweet
  • engage in G+ or facebook activity
  • participate in podcasts

At DrupalCon

  • introduce your featured speaker
  • attend the Thursday team dinner

Post DrupalCon

  • review your speakers in the speaker database
  • help recap and review the event with the team


The Global Team
The Global Team is made up of people who have served previously as a DrupalCon track lead.
As lead, you will will work with your two global counterparts in order to:

  • share the burden of tasks listed above
  • ensure a global perspective
  • broader speaker / influencer network
  • maintain historical track continuity
  • ensure track representation at program lead meetings


Event Leads
The event leads will work directly with the Program Coordinator to complete the track lead tasks listed above.

The team will participate in weekly video WebEx or Google+ hangouts. Please make sure you have a G+ account.

  • you may miss no more than 3 meetings
  • each meeting you cannot attend, a global must fill in for you

The planning team hangs out in:

  • Skype (for off-meeting text record)
  • in #drupalcon

Outside of meetings, you must be easily reachable via email, irc, skype, or phone.

The Program Coordinator will work to make sure teams are notified well in advance of deadlines.
If a task is not completed in time, the Program coordinator will contact the lead, then the globals for a status update.
If an update is not provided or the task is far from completion, the Program Coordinator will complete the task.

The Drupal Association
You’ll be working with our Program Coordinator, who will lead the team in planning.

  • DrupalCon site administration
  • DrupalCon content administration
  • keeping the team on task for timelines and deliverables 
  • formalizing program proposals for Event Director signoff

The Event Director is responsible for the overall success of DrupalCon and for this reason will have final authority on all major decisions and approval rights on all program proposals.


Contact us

Amanda Gonser (amanda.drupal)
Lead DrupalCon Coordinator

Rachel Friesen (racheldrupal)
Events Manager