This week’s notes will be all about something unique, which happened last week: a 7 day long sprint for

The sprint happened during Drupal Developer Days, an amazing event, which this year took place in Szeged, Hungary. Overall more than 300 people took part in the conference, with 3 days of sessions, but the main focus of the event was on contribution sprints. All week long people we working on Drupal 8 core, Drupal 8 Search and Entity Field API, Documentation, Migration, MongoDB, REST and authentication, Rules for Drupal 8 and, of course,

I came specifically to lead the sprint on, and it turned out to be much more successful than I expected. So what did we do?

Sprints started on Monday, and the start was exciting. There were 20 development environments created on our development server for the sprints. On Monday, people started working on them. And they were working so hard, as well as all other sprinters, who were massively doing git checkouts of Drupal 8, that hit its VLAN transit limit on outgoing traffic. Because of that the website was *very* slow for everyone in the world for a few hours. We were essentially a DoS attack on Then our infrastructure team worked to up the limit, and we could work again.

After such a nice start, we managed to get a lot done! There were 3 main focuses for the sprint:

  • Cleaning-up leftover issues from Drupal 7 upgrade
  • Making Bluecheese (’s theme) responsive
  • Modernizing testbot


Drupal 7 upgrade leftovers

I was working primarily with the team of people who were fixing leftover Drupal 7 upgrade issues. Before the sprint we had 89 open issues with ‘ 7.1’. Today we have about 30, with some of them awaiting review or deployment. Overall we worked on 49 issues, most of which are already ‘Fixed’, though some still need a review or deployment on

All this work was done by a group of amazing people:

Julien Dubois

Bohdan Artemchuk

Guillaume Bec

Dmytro Danylevskyi

Márton Juhász

Mori Sugimoto


Jeremy Thorson

Kalman Hosszu

Zoltán Kisgyörgy

Tim Mallezie

Artyom Miroshnik

Peter Wolanin

Taras Kruts

Valery Lourie

Jakub Piasecki


Additionally, thanks to Wolfgang Ziegler fago and Daniel Wehner dawehner for reviewing and committing our patches to Enity API and Views.


Responsive Bluecheese

At the same time with all the issue fixing above, Lewis Nyman was leading a group of front-end developers who were busy making’s theme - Bluecheese - responsive. They worked hard the whole week in a separate sandbox and you can test results of their work right now:

Test site:
Use username/password : drupal/drupal to access the site.
Use username/password: bacon/bacon to log in to the site.

Please, report any issues you find with the theme in the sandbox issue queue.

I must say opening that test site and resizing browser window is now my favourite way to kill time.

The team who worked on this includes:

Lewis Nyman

Josef Dabernig

Emma Maria Karayiannis

Tim Mallezie

Manuel Garcia
Manuel Garcia

Sander Tirez

Tamas Hajas Testbot

The third sprint during Drupal Dev Days was about our testing infrastructure. Jeremy Thorson (jthorson) worked with Ricardo Amaro (ricardoamaro), Bastian Widmer (dasrecht) and beejeebus on Modernizing Testbot initiative. If you want to know more - read his report about the sprint.


Thank you-s

Thanks to all sprint participants! You did a great job!

We’d like to thank organizers for making this event such a great experience for everyone. We were sometimes annoying, and we asked for things. And they just made all of them happen, while being friendly and positive at all times! It was a great pleasure to attend Drupal Dev Days in Szeged.

We also want to say thanks to Neil Drumm and Rudy Grigar, who were not with us in person, but supported us during the whole sprint week, by reviewing, committing AND deploying our fixes, as well as helping with infrastructure troubles.

This was a great week. We held the first sprint at DrupalCon Prague. Seeing a full table of people working on the site was exciting and inspiring. Last week there were two tables of people working on! What will DrupalCon Austin bring? Can we get 4 tables of people?
Well.. YOU can sign up for sprint in Austin right now.

photo by Michael Schmid