Association members cultivate community with grants

It isn't easy to build a strong community. Many event organizers work to bring people together for Drupal. Community Cultivation Grants are one tool to make the work a little easier. With a grant, you can strengthen the local community. You can help drive the adoption of Drupal.

Drupal Association members fund these grants. A few grant recipients have told us their stories. I'd like to share more about what has happened since the grants were awarded.

Here’s to our Drupal Association Supporting Partners! – Q3

There are many inspiring companies that are giving their time to contribute code, help educate others, share their experiences, and be part of the Drupal community. Some of these companies have taken one step further, becoming Supporting Partners with the Drupal Association.

Supporting Partners fund and the engineering team who make the improvements you continuously see. Without our Supporting Partners, the work we do would not be possible.

Here is what is going on now.

Getting paid to contribute to the open source community

The opportunity to be paid whilst contributing to the Drupal community is fantastic, and it’s a rare find in the industry. Imagine if you could work on your own projects during company time?

Growing Drupal through DrupalCon and DrupalCamp sponsorship

The following post was written by Drupal Association Signature Supporting Partner, FFW.


Exporting practically anything in Drupal to PDFs

The following post was written by Drupal Association Premium Supporting Partner, CI&T.


Membership is connection

Today we launch the membership campaign focused on the Drupal Association Community Cultivation Grants program. Association members fund grants to kickstart community-strengthening projects around the world.

The campaign runs through October 28 and our goals are 265 new members signed up and $10,918 in revenue. These are a 10% increase over the same period of time last year.

Being a DrupalCon Design Partner

The following post was written by DrupalCon Design Partner, ADCI Solutions.


10 things to do in Dublin outside of DrupalCon

DrupalCon is fast approaching and will be held in the fantastic Irish capital, Dublin! Dublin has a lot to offer to attendees outside of the conference hall.

MarCom changes, and how we’ll keep moving forward

Like each of the Drupal Association teams, MarCom has a broad range of responsibilities. But with a smaller team, we have to make hard choices.

Changes for the Drupal Association Events Team

As Megan mentioned in her blog post, The Association’s mission is to unite the community to build and promote Drupal and DrupalCon remains an important way to achieve this mission. Unfortunately, our DrupalCon team is smaller due to staff reductions and we needed to adjust our work accordingly. To decide on what to eliminate, we took a critical look at what services the Association can continue to provide with minimal impact to the mission critical event elements that help move the Project forward.

DrupalCon has traditionally supported our contribution journey, helping developers and other contributors level up their skill to not only build better sites, but to also learn how to contribute code to core or through modules. We will continue providing the programing elements to support our contributors.


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