What’s new on Drupal.org? - June 2015

Look for links to our Strategic Roadmap highlighting how this work falls into our priorities set by the Drupal Association Board and Drupal.org Working Groups.

What’s new on Drupal.org? - May 2015

As a part of our effort to recognize individual contributions to the Drupal ecosystem we’ve slightly adjusted the options available to a user when making an attribution in the issue queues. Instead of simply assuming that a comment made without an attribution to an organization or customer is done by a volunteer - we now allow volunteers to explicitly mark their work as such. Requiring a positive affirmation of the volunteer attribution should improve the accuracy of the data we are gathering about the Drupal ecosystem.

What's new on Drupal.org - April 2015

The community user role which we introduced in March will now be automatically granted to users who reach a certain level of participation on Drupal.org. While the exact activities that can grant this role will not be explicitly published (as we do with other spam prevention measures) the activities are representative of those an engaged community member would take while participating on Drupal.org.

What's new on Drupal.org - March 2015

Look for links to our Strategic Roadmap highlighting how this work falls into our priorities set by the Drupal Association Board and Drupal.org Working Groups.

Community User Role

The Community user role is the next step of a larger project of improving user role progression on Drupal.org. We began this work by streamlining the account creation and login workflow, which makes it easier for newcomers to jump into Drupal.org and contribute without losing context...

What's new on Drupal.org - February 2015

One of our long standing traditions here in the Drupal Association was to give community regular updates on the latest Drupal.org related activities in a form of week notes posts. We’ve been publishing those for over 2.5 years now and it feels like the time has come for a slight change in the format.

From now on we’ll publish monthly ‘What’s new on Drupal.org’ posts, which will showcase new and upcoming features, functionality and user experience improvements. We’ll schedule these around the public Board meetings, so that both the Board and community get the same information at the same time.

So here is our first update in this new format..

Drupal.org team week notes #31: 2014 in review

Now that we are few weeks into 2015, we’d like to look back at 2014 and share some interesting numbers about Drupal.org.

Last year Drupal.org received almost 48.9 million visits from 21.2 million unique visitors. The spike around September/October is due to spam-related traffic, and, of course, DrupalCon Amsterdam.

Drupal.org team week notes #30

It’s been awhile since our last week notes post, but before a lot of you will go off to celebrate holidays, we wanted to tell you about some of the recent exciting changes on Drupal.org

Responsive Drupal.org

As a New Year’s present to all Drupal.org visitors, today we deployed the initial responsive version of Bluecheese theme. This means that Drupal.org will now look much better on small and large screens. Drupal.org subsites on Drupal 7, such as Api.Drupal.org and Assoc.Drupal.org, will follow as they are tested.

The work on responsifying the theme started at Drupal Dev Days in Szeged earlier this year, with the final testing happening during BADCamp in November.

We’d like to thank our wonderful volunteers for making this happen:
LewisNyman, dasjo, emma.maria, mallezie, Manuel Garcia, sqndr, thamas.

This is the initial deployment, though more page-by-page improvements will be coming. Drupal.org is a big site, with lots of pages that will need specific mobile-first design changes.

Introducing the Drupal.org User Personas

As part of our mission to reinvent Drupal.org, we’ve been digging deep to understand who uses the website and how. At DrupalCon Austin, we began the process of discovering the personas of users who visit Drupal.org: to do so, we interviewed numerous Drupal.org users and asked questions about how frequently they use Drupal.org, how they use the website, their frustrations with Drupal.org, the things they enjoy about the site, and how we can make it easier for people to learn, use, and connect on Drupal.org.

Forum One to work on Content Strategy for Drupal.org

Several weeks ago, we issued an RFP for Drupal.org Content Strategy project. We got a number of great submissions, and the next couple of weeks the Drupal Association staff and the Drupal.org Content Working Group members spent reviewing proposals and interviewing potential vendors.

Drupal.org Content Strategy: Announcing a Request for Proposals!

Earlier this year the Drupal Association began work on an initiative to launch a redesigned and improved Drupal.org in 2015. The first step of the plan was the Drupal.org user research, which was recently finished. Today we’d like to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the content strategy for Drupal.org, next step of our redesign project.


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