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The visit to DrupalCon in New Orleans this past May was a great experience for all of us here at InterServer. Being able to sponsor an event with over 3,000 attendees was truly exciting and special. After attending this event, it made us reflect upon what a unique situation we have as a Web Hosting company. In order to be successful on the Internet, a company or a person needs to have a strong online presence. InterServer provides tools like Drupal that are necessary for a business or person to have a flourishing web project. With the recent update of Drupal 8, there are many exciting things revolving around the Drupal universe. Hailing from its message board roots back in 1999, Drupal has come a long way with providing a flexible tool that various types of organizations and governments use. 

InterServer at DrupalCon

However, we realize that not everyone is in the business of generating profits. There exist many charities that seek the same opportunities as businesses to have a strong online presence, but are not flush with cash to do so. Here at InterServer, we believe in offering non-profits free web hosting services. Non-profit organizations provide a great service by improving our society, so we seek to aid them in achieving their goals. They are eligible to receive our shared hosting plans for free which includes our award-winning 24/7 customer support and much more.

InterServer also affords the same opportunities to college students seeking web hosting services. When a student signs up using their .edu account, they are eligible to receive one year of free hosting. We realize that when seeking your undergraduate or graduate degree it comes with many costs. Let us be one less cost for you throughout your journey.

The free shared hosting accounts that are offered to non-profits and students come with the scripts to install Drupal. We believe that given the opportunity, both groups will find that having access to a powerful tool like Drupal will enable them to create a web project that helps in their quest of improving themselves and society.


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