Happy birthday, Drupal community! Today is the Drupal project's 15th birthday. In honor of the upcoming year, we've put together a retrospective of some of the incredible changes and accomplishments we made together last year.

2015 was a landmark year for Drupal: between three DrupalCons, the release of Drupal 8, and numerous improvements to Drupal.org, there's a lot for everyone to be proud of. None of our amazing accomplishments would been possible without our community of passionate Drupalers. As you read the infographic, we invite you take a moment to congratulate yourself for all the ways that you've helped make the project strong. Because Drupal's 15th birthday isn't just an accomplishment for the software—it's an occasion to celebrate everyone who has helped get the entire project and the community to where they are today.

Infographic celebrating Drupal's 15th birthday


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congratulation !

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Happy Birthday, Drupal & Congratulations!

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Happy birthday ;)

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Wish you happy birthday Drupal...

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Wishing you many years of success :)

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You need lots of love and care because you are so special. Happy Birthday

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