Thank you Drupal Community

I am writing this note to share the news that I am leaving the Drupal Association, as of today. It has been a very difficult decision to make because I have enjoyed my time and the people I work with at the Association. However, I look forward to finding work that aligns more closely with my passion and my skills. I hope to stay in the Drupal community as working with the community has been one of the best parts of the job.

Supporting Partners Support YOU!

Flickr Photo: nidhugLast year, The Drupal Association launched the Supporting Partner Program. The program was to function as a way to crowdsource funds for strategic community initiatives; namely creating a tech team to improve the community’s home We are so thankful to the 36 companies who stepped up to support this effort. 

It goes without saying that is a big site to manage and requires a lot of resources. Resources are needed not only to maintain the site, but yes...improve it! needs to be upgraded to D7. Developers want better collaboration tools. Site builders want to find the right modules for the job, faster. To tackle this brain-smacking project we needed a team, the D.O Tech Team. But how to fund it?

2012 Global Training Days: A Great First Year


What a fantastic year for growth in the Drupal community! The past year began the Drupal Association’s board initiative to usher in new users to the Drupal community through Global Training Days, a series of free and low cost introductory trainings. The first program day started in February with 17 dedicated training companies and grew from there. You, the community, helped skyrocket the programs growth. The overall goal for the first year was 1,000 attendees, but with your help we blew it out of the water and reached over 1,500 individuals through 117 total trainings!

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